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Hey sam roberts wrestling podcast listeners this is way keller wrestling torch you might have heard me on sam show you enjoy our conversations bro wrestling richards checkout mic shows vedro four times per week we have to shows early in the week the post show following ron smackdown he talked to an onsite correspondent about things that did not air in crowd reaction and also co host callers and mail bag segment and then later in the week my two shows on podcast one are the thursday flakes ship and energy friday just search wade keller in apple podcasts or anywhere else you listen to podcasts that's wade callard to thrive folk red logo and the blue though you're is sam robert thanks again to xbox for being a part of the podcast this week you know interestingly enough if you go on youtube you can see the interview that i did with corey graves right the same week that corey graves was on the podcast corey graves also co hosted my show on sirius xm with me jim norton and sam roberts jim was how one day so i brought in graves to be the co host and i posted a clip from that show which is basically corey and myself breaking down what happened with titus o'neil at the greatest royal rumble and tons of people have seen it and enjoyed it and it really is worth watching the clip just to see corey laughing at corey watching corey laughing at titus o'neil falling if you can follow that it's amazing but the reason that i bring it up today because we talked about it before in the podcast the reason that i bring it up today is because there was a quote that was servicing from daniel bryan he did.

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