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You want to plug it in there and oath the individual you get is one hell of a player remember the rumor about six weeks ago when chandler hutchison maybe it was a month ago whenever the combine was chandler hutchison dropped out and he said he's been granted assurance that he's getting drafted by a team in the twenties and somehow it was immediately assume that it was the bulls i think i think bartlestein might be his agent right mark is a local guy a local nba agents got a lot of big time players is that still on liquor the bulls taking hutchinson at twenty two tonight well okay so troy brown falls past i don't think troy brown would get past tips to be honest he might not get past pop at eighteen he might not get past tips at twenty because he's one of those nice and rangy athletic defensive guys that tibbs probably would like do they hope stephen chances they're probably not the way he's throwing up the draft boards are they still taking hutchinson at twenty two so jonathan cavani who's great he works for espn dot com he did a draft this morning based on all the latest intel he had based on that intel he does have the bulls taking chandler hutchison at twenty two but jeff doc goodman was out with waddle and silvy yesterday and he's tapped in his anyone he thinks that rumor is ridiculous because he said why would any team make a promise to take a player not knowing who could fall like why twenty two i've never heard of that like making a promise to a guy you don't know how the boards gonna look by the time you get to twenty i said that at the time i said that seems crazy that you promise a guy owns twenty two were drafting you bob even though something sat there and then you you break your word ryan now nobody wants to deal with you i think at this into the whole conversation on espn dot com he's ranked as the thirty sixth prospect that's the twenty two is way high what many experts are kind of looking at hundreds of now i didn't have him in the first round if he's the guy and you think he's the next kuzma and you found a diamond in the rough and he's a guy who's proven it in college and a smaller school and yeah go get him but a lot of people are kind of projecting him in the mid thirties and i'm still looking at the bulls may have told them that they're interested they know the agent very well but like to make a promise i don't know you know you're when you were coming out the nfl's different you're talking about when you came out what the rate rounds nine rounds when you came out twelve browns okay they're twelve rounds cut it down to seven about nineteen ninety something you've told the story like there were teams they called you and said listen you know we might take you where we're in washington and a sixth round give me a call they took cantwell's out of nebraska ended up playing in the arena football league at a call from green bay a little bit later on but does anybody make a promise or the i'll say hey we we might stand the draft they were saying hey listen to a couple of other guys are going to look at your monitor and we'll get back to either way they never got back to either way right well once they tell you that if they don't take it so that we talk and you can go blow it out your keystone melton arlington heights on espn one thousand l by being.

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