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Pound box It had to be cut several times before we could see inside and with cameras flashing they conservator Kate ridgway pulled open the top Okay folks everybody ready Something not found inside that was expected a picture of Abraham Lincoln and his coffin but a newspaper dated 1865 with a centerfold print of Lincoln was found And so it looks like a figure grieving over the grave of Lincoln Also found inside coins books a piece of wood with a bullet in it a button with a Virginia seal and a Bible Kyle Cooper WTO P news It's 5 O 5 a man was shot at the anacostia metro station late this morning Then in an unusual development please say took his own life Happened just after ten 30 this morning police were looking for a man with a black hooded sweatshirt who left in a black sedan Homicide investigators say when caught that attacker will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and Acosta station has reopened after being shut down for the investigation D.C.'s homicide rate up 14% 225 people killed so far this year 197 this time last year And another killer is still on the loose that person shot and killed a Clinton man who was driving with his family on Christmas Eve The victim was a pro boxer eyeing a comeback 30 year old Danny Kelly was gunned down on Christmas Eve while driving along saint barnabas road in temple hills Kelly's girlfriend and three kids were in the car with him when it happened Basically growing my Christmas Daryl Brown was Kelly's boxing coach from the time Kelly was a 300 pound teenager As a person and as a box he was a special kid So you know every now and then you get one that comes along that you feel assist just got to get got to goods Brown is also The Godfather of Kelly's oldest child Whenever I need and he was there you know he was right there for him Police are looking into whether he was killed in a fit of road rage They're asking for the public's help in the case John Doe and WTO P news And coming up the former president now seems to be endorsing vaccines but will it change the minds of the great unvexed We'll talk about it with Politico healthcare reporter Aaron Banco It's 5 O 7 Appliances set the tone for your kitchen Discover the best The Home Depot design center in Rockville Where you can test out luxury appliances.

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