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Oh i remember that one so what's the rest of your strove for movies uh that's all i got you can still it's like flicking three of them like easy to nightmare before christmas sweeney todd in terms of like horror movies i liked twenty eight days like the 28 days franchise and then i like i like what's the one where they're in the mall and they told bunch zombies don talbot dr than what's at heart the albar alekos movies you know like a big fan of those is must be gaurd we're gonna end vis segment with a question that ten jacco them twitter on saturday few them for me though beetlejuice comes to mind oh yeah that's nene ears before the key of since i was always a charlie brown fan degree pumpkin charlie brown i hate all this charlie brown i think the all this charlie whoa may specials are just trash okay what you do other stupid did the they're not in whitening the for payments accumbens a come to mind i mean original friday the 13th and the jason movies scary movie i'll consider scary movie halloween movie scream halloween town was part of my favorite halloween movies a kid call me lame i don't care to great disney channel original booby loved halloween town debbie reynolds rest in peace but honestly i think if you wanna walk took about monsters horror movies hobbling movies young frankenstein might be my favorite area now brooks classic.

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