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Kawhi Leonard, Brown, Paul George discussed on Dale & Keefe


You know the guys that he's always talked about could you be a paul george type absolute ceiling yeah and it's like you know kawhi leonard so jaylen brown fourteen and a half points thirty nine and a half percent three point shooting leonard was eleven point nine and thirty seven george was twelve point one in thirty eight so he's like right there with those guys and even the year that kawhi leonard was the finals mvp that playoff run was his coming out party he wasn't an all twelve points a game that year yeah get a monster playoffs and jaylen brown hats a monster games in the playoffs that's why i sort of you reminded you of leonard now leonard was then able to follow that up with even the next step of being an all nba player i don't know if brown will ever get there but he's twenty one twenty two or whatever he's on his way i know i think sometimes we have a habit of looking at a guy and saying what he is right now is what he is is no there's a lot of room it's funny because all the guys they were rumored to want the last year at this time the paul george and jimmy butler and all those guys it's the same thing you you forget because they played an indiana or they played in chicago that oh their first two years they were like fringe kinda play fringe starters and what he did in the playoffs and what he did last year there's a lot of room for him as well.

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Kawhi Leonard, Brown, Paul George discussed on Dale & Keefe

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