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Son. W. M A. L A cumulus stations use now. W E Mail NEWS. It ain't good morning, everyone. I'm John Matthews, another major school systems reporting huge jumps in failure rates for math and English classes. His virtual learning takes its toll on the pandemic. In one example, Montgomery County reported more than 36% of low income students failed English in the first marking period this fall, a sixfold year to year jump. This comes as Fairfax County is really similar results in Montgomery, Black and Hispanic students whose families lived near the poverty line were among those most impacted. The poor results are a driving force behind several school systems across the region to get kids back into classrooms. Despite The latest coronavirus case boom. The Montgomery County Board of Education's put off a decision on a plan to return students to classrooms in January until December 15th so they can monitor the latest Covad spread. Superintendent Dr Jack Smith. We will get busy and comfort solace and we have notes, and we have this tape of this meeting. So we have all the information Thank you. Frederick County, like much of the region is taking a hard look at the Corona virus data and seeing it all go in one direction. In our seven day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 population is currently a 37.54. And it's about triple from where we were last month. County executive Jang Gardner says she's not interested in adding more restrictions. But in doing a better job of enforcing the restrictions already in place. More inspectors have been added to ensure that mass requirements and social distancing measures are being complied with. Federal cares. Act funding runs out at the end of the month, and that is threatening many local nonprofit agencies. We are definitely seeing an increase in domestic violence. Dr. Judy Hanley, executive director of the Loudon Abused Women's Shelter. We have been very fortunate during this time until December, 30th to get support from Loudon County government through the cares act. But adds after December, 30th were unsure of how we will be able to manage all of the costs. Barbara Brute w E Mail and W m a l dot com A former Loudon County youth soccer coaches avoided prison after pleading guilty to embezzling money from the Old Dominion Football Club. 41 year old Jeffrey Kern received a seven years suspended prison sentence and I'll have to perform 100 hours of community service also pay $52,000 in restitution over the next three years. Urn was a travel team coach, and he and his wife, Berkeley, volunteered for the team in 2018. She had previously pleaded guilty to charges as well and was also poured. Ordered to pay restitution. Checking your money. The Dow futures are up 117 points this morning. The NASDAQ futures up 32 in sports college hoops. Virginia Tech top Svm I 64 57. Maryland women crushed housing in their home opener. 1 12 to 78. The Washington football team gets an extra day to prepare for the undefeated Steelers with their game pushed to Monday coach Ron Rivera on the top thing his team has to work on. You Look at teams that have had success. It's really about being consistent, you know, you watch their play through the first quarter to the fourth quarter. And they make things happen. AIR TIME ON W M A L. Monday Is it four w e mail NEWS TIMES 804 Up Next traffic and weather is mornings on the mall continues on 105.9 FM. W M A l one day You need to avoid getting stuck in traffic again..

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