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Known as horse heaven, for construction of a 244 turbine wind farm. Kathleen drew is counsel chair. Plans for the horse have been project are consistent and in compliance with the overall land use requirements of Benton county. Not everyone in Benton county approves, especially upon hearing the generated power would mostly fuel western Washington and even California. What the farm does offer locals is up to a thousand union jobs earlier this month the laborers international union of North America announced a memorandum of understanding to provide workers for the project, which could begin raising turbines some time next year. Corwin hake, northwest, news radio. Tourism industry is getting a boost county executive Dave summers announcing the annual tourism small grant cycle is now open. It's known as the hotel motel small grant fund close to half a $1 million in tourism grant dollars are available for public and nonprofit organizations to use for tourism marketing, promotions and capital projects. The average allocation for a project is $10,000, but ranges from 5 to $50,000. And that's como forest Holly menino. Northwest news times 6 O 9, and we talk sports now time for a big plumbing sports update with Bill Schwartz and well, Seattle is going to be well represented at next month's WNBA All-Star Game. Brianna Stewart and suburb of the storm will be starters in the all star shindig July 10th in Chicago. Stewie's fourth all star trip bird appears in a record 13th WNBA All-Star Game. University of Washington, Las Vegas guard, Kelsey plum, goes to her first all star contest. The storm host Washington, tomorrow night. Mariners rookie George Kirby toes the slab tonight at the Oakland coliseum. Seattle facing right hander Paul Blackburn and game two of the series, the M's one for fun last night, 8 to two. Game four of the Stanley Cup finals going on in Florida and a lightning quick start by the home team

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