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Is the number. Let's go to Kevin in Connecticut. Kevin, how you doing? Good morning, Mark. How are you? Good. Good. Um Eric Adams. So Two quick things. My brother is in the uniform business he sells to police and fire departments. He says that he talked to a retired New York City cop who says Adams will be worse than de Blasio. And the last thing is on June 7th. A couple of days ago, there was a headline in The New York Post and I don't know if and culture saw this. But Adams was asked Who his police model would be, and he said David Dinkins, David Dinkins form of policing will be what she's Uh, but, hey, it's a little out of context there. Adams. Everybody in the police department from the top to the bottom says he was a bad guy. I don't trust them. They totally keep saying Uh, he was what he was talking about. There was a Dinkins model, but that was towards the end. There was some bad Dinkins bought models. Remember Lee Brown and all those bad commissioners. But in the last year, Dinkins was pretty good he had brought in Ray Kelly. And they increase the department by 7000. So he was talking about that what he was. I think what he really meant was more the Ray Kelly, uh, model. Then the Bratton broken windows and all that stuff. Model. So you could argue that either way, the last year Dinkins was getting pretty good with Ray Kelly. Not because of anything else, but Adam's every everybody. Everybody in the police department will tell you bad guy. Bad guy. You can't trust them. You can. I don't know what that meant. But then now we find out he doesn't live in Brooklyn. He lives in New Jersey. Uh, he tries to Prove that's not true, and he brings everybody to a basement of a building he owns in New Jersey, where there's a bunch of ragtag furniture doesn't match all quickly thrown together. There's not enough clothes in the closet. There's not enough stuff in the refrigerator doesn't look like he really lives there and then to back him up. He brings out His son. And every which way you don't have a son? Well, I didn't tell anybody. I kept it secret. I do Anybody know I had a son? What? And then you look at the kidneys, 48 years old. Uh, yeah. How could you run for office? And that tongue, But you had a son. What's going on? It was good. Johnny the truck driver. Johnny, how you doing? I'm doing good. Mark. I have a question for the number one radio show fall and die Mention our friend here in Brooklyn it if the boss is just South Paul is just top under boss. His left hand man instead of his right hand, man. Well, there you go. I hope you don't spend too much time working on that one. But thanks for calling the best that along. Let's go to Wendy in east Northport. Hey, Wendy. Yeah. Hey there, Mark. Good morning. So I want to say, you know, the Wuhan Lab may not have intentionally let the virus out, but they did let it go out to the world. And, you know, I think Dr Fauci would like us to think that those scientists that passed away just before the outbreak came that maybe they just had some bad Chinese takeout from the Wuhan wet lab. But as the arrow would say to Fauci, he would say, Fauci, you failed this city. Yeah. All right. Well, thanks for calling. Yeah. Found she made this crazy statement here. Not attacking me. You're attacking all of science. We're attacking you. You know, it's like a doctor made a mistake and amputated the wrong leg and you were yelling at me. You're not attacking me. You're attacking all of medicine were attacking you The fact that, Fauci said that just proves what a double talking to face con man. This guy is. If you're Sinatra fan, Don't move. Stay right there. The most incredible new book about Sinatra has come out. It's by the guy that was literally the closest to him did not leave his side for the last 20 years. He is the most intimate details. He's a legend in the show business world to call him Tonio, but it's actually Tony. Uh, you know, I know the guy 20 years. I still can't say his name opened the Sano. And but we all just called Antonio. But it's an amazing book. Sinatra and me just came out yesterday. We'll talk about that. Next on 7 10 W. O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett. Marty Mark, Mayor de Blasio says the Fourth of July fireworks show will be back and bigger than ever. This year. He says there will be areas for vaccinated and unvaccinated people and performances are scheduled by Coldplay and Reba McEntire. Moderna asking the FDA for emergency youth authorization for its vaccine and kids between the ages of 12 and 17. Right now fighters. The only vaccine can be administered to Children in that group Cops looking forward, the gunman who opened fire outside the dream downtown Hotel in Chelsea up to 25 year Old man dead, some kind of argument earlier this morning erupted in gunfire. The gunman escaped in a white jeep. Eric Adams insists he lives in Brooklyn, as many of his opponents are now suggesting he may really live in Fort Lee, New Jersey New Pix 11 Poll, meanwhile, shows Adam still leading in the race for mayor. But Mile. Wiley is now second after getting the endorsement of AOC. Next update at noon. Breaking news at one start your day with Len Burman and Michael Riedel in the Morning, 6 to 10 tomorrow I'm Joe Bartlett on 7.

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