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Hey everyone. Yeah, it didn't surprise me because I had read chairman John Carlos book before that presentation and really he's always recapping his biography. So it was it was mostly about I would suggest Kris Jen Carlo. I wanted to keep the focus very clearly on the need to separate bank from state and the fact that Bitcoin is the only project doing that. Yeah, Natalie, I thought you're sort of last point as well was just such a sort of climactic way to end. Just sort of, and I don't know if you were able to see his face, but I was watching him sort of just like shift in his chair when you kind of just said, there will not be an acceptably private implementation of a CBDC, and I wish that conversation could have gone on longer. And I'm sure you do as well. Are there any points that you wanted to make on that call that you didn't get around to making? No, I said everything I needed to say. Perfect. Yeah, we're going to get a recording of that presentation because if you guys were just listening in the spaces, you didn't get to see Natalie's excellent PowerPoint skills in action as well. So when we get that recording, put it on the Bitcoin policy institute, YouTube so that we can go watch Natalie own the IMF in perpetuity. Yeah, and I'll share my slides with you in the next few minutes. What do you think of chairman Jay and Carlos kind of broad acceptance of this space, but maybe lack of specificity with regard to Bitcoin, right? We hear that a lot. He talked a lot about how blockchain could have stopped us from the O 8 crisis, right? And I think you really leaned into a lot of the more fundamental kind of political theory that led you to embrace Bitcoin. So could you talk a little bit about that, I don't know, you can call it attention, but maybe a slight disagreement there.

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