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Free throw line and easy twenty nine can you call it a quiet twenty nine it just doesn't seem like he's doing a whole lot i mean on what we saw the other night when forty three he was making shots that were almost impossible eleven of twenty one from a floor six rebounds and six assists for the broad james mvp fill up the quicken loans arena as he thinks the free throw line to the left about noda rosen still five forty eight four you're leading score you're all star leaving him on the bench eleventh in the league in scoring marta rose in at twenty three a game and after a brutal i three quarters he's still on the bench i could tell you he cannot be happy this is something he's not accustomed to doing sitting on the bench watching his team in a do or die game abroad sinks both ten points cleveland lead with by forty to play lowery between the big rings against on an ob behind the screen fires three on the switch drills it again tile lowry is keeping toronto afloat in this game fred van bleed commits a foul in the backboard on george hill that's gonna send george l don't know yet this bigger hi lowry scored the last toronto points of bounds lebron lobs it into hill right there be real careful five minutes of bonus time for cleveland wasted a foul to give their crossing bandleader works at right around the yard on dribbles it back.

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