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Hasn't been around lately because now country music is like your modern day dude just like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean country guide to go on stage and pork okay that's where country music is right now back in the mid to late nineties your quote unquote new hit country was like having Jackson and Joe Diffie had even Garth Brooks is kinda still considered new country by the mid nineties so those are the kind of guys that were playing on the radio and again he's not quite in that category Alan Jackson side his songs were all over the radio the eyes of a young girl being discovered by an industry insider while singing to herself pumping gas one in three hundred million the cost of the daughter of a clergyman from Severn Maryland spending eleven weeks at number one on the US singles charts one nineteen million the cost of going on to win seven Grammy awards one in one point four million the odds of selling over.

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