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Now with this oh what the fuck they were trying to do because they try they they really are they are tried to tell you like not just a story but they trying to give you a deep history this espionage door owned don't spy film that takes place during a certain period an '80s ladies last part of the late eighties and it does doesn't i mean when you look at this it's it just seems kind silly because it's a dumb action film mess trying to use while no one here and you have what is going on is trying to use a smart it's novel hope is trying to sell a dumb act is trying to use house smart format at not a crime not not a none of spy caper but a spot thriller trying to use a spy thriller just two two as an excuse to make killing people look cool that's all it is this should is is is it as if quinn tarantino directed tinker taylor so despite yet but we're not all the cool dialogue and you got out of the blood and everything but as far as everything else don't know what the fuck is happening this movie has style in nothing else that those movies al at the was down this style leftover in the lobby of all these therapies shitting style is so much again would you brought up about your looking nothing like the comic book i kinda got that vibe that it did look like the comic book because when they showed a like a lot of stuff earlier before they go out to like nightclub and things like that everything within muted blue tones are they all right i'm assuming this comic book is in black and white in the now input bringing up their picture with my first on cnn know so it isn't black and white all right i think that's us all he was going on so you think the blood like the hyper style it like the plot color like lighten by didn't want to go all like sin city and go all bob for black and white but they had uh when they were doing like the interrogation as and when it first comes on its own like muted blues and blacks are they i the comic book must be in black and white yeah what i can tell you that from the comment.

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