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To the forty two yard line man that was a big play because Mike they brought the house as they say trying to get him Schuyler Thomas able to make the stop though on the receiver on the play Romeo. They brought six they brought the double a gap blitz. Exactly. Like the bears did against them last year. The bears were able to pick it up garbage stood in their strong tall waited first man to break open and through a strike, exactly. How you supposed to keep that? Twelve yard gain out to the forty two yard line. This time by himself in the backfield garbage looking around throws down the right side. And there was some sort of. On that play. But no penalty on either side. Well, it's supposed to be a wheel route. It looked like to me. It was supposed to be a wheel right out there. You had MO ways Jeremiah Hopkins as they ran into the wheel washing state didn't excellent job of collapsing them into each other. Just create a pile up of bodies out there. Result governors had nobody to throw to. Receiver. You cannot let yourself get rerouted like that. If they make contact you still have to find a way to get off and get back in your second ten their own forty two yard line at a tiger. Here's a running play some room over the left side. Get some five or six yards Laird carries the ball and tackle made by hunter Dale defensive back. Six yard gain big deal third down here. Boy, I'll tell you that as we get this late ten forty to go fourth quarter. And Pat layered only thirty five yards on nights. Wow. He's been be running back. I mean, they Burton diamond like everybody else minute again carried it besides gardeners. To the right Barrett sent out a receiver. Goes out as a slot receiver. Drivers would learn in the backfield. Throw the big pass down the right? Too far. Overthrowing the pressure was on the throw it. But there's a flag on the play. And it looks like maybe defensive hit on the quarterback. Forty one. Penalty Dylan Sherman weight, and it was high is a problem. Well, they've had a lot of penalties that just the wrong time tonight. It's a wonder the bears. Wow. Haven't had more points on the board. Frankly that one just from the initial replay little bit questionable to me. Sherman was already up in the air. I didn't see maybe he threw him down at the end of it. But. If it's if it's just the contact at this point of the game. I don't know that to call. Let's see it again. Yeah. He tackled him at the end. So that's what they called the light leading up by. I'm with you. I don't think they to call the seven penalties. Eighty yards bears. Get a first and ten thirty nine yard line. Bill to up there. And so the bears go back to the other quarterback mcelwain. But so far tonight when he's been in the game, he really been very effective. Will Rogers his down right now for Washington state on the sideline, and he is hurting. Now, he's in front of the Cal bench. Willie Taylor down there. It's real Roger so, okay. We'll Rogers he always said he never knew Manny didn't like. It's a different wheel. Roger, okay. And there's also time out on the field never met a, man. I did like the will Rogers follies. We'll be right back on learfield..

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