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And as we're doing that, a guy that another coworker of ours, is running down the street towards us waving a parking table. And he's pissed because he's got a parking ticket. And as soon as I saw it, I went fine. It's Wednesday, it's not Saturday. In my mind, it's a Saturday. And Wednesday is street cleaning day in Santa Monica in front of my, you can't part the $70 ticket. I had no income at that point in my life. And I'm like, I should not afford a $70 ticket. And I was flipping out. I was like, God damn it. I was so angry. And my friend who I'm talking to, she goes, go home. Go home and move your car. And I said, no, I look at my watch. I'm like, no, it's too late. I've already got ticket and then I think to myself, how did I get here? We're leaning on my car. But like that kind of. That's hilarious. Happens a lot. Yeah. You know where, you know, I'm forever about to put something in the refrigerator that isn't a fool. Just I need to have a little sign on that. Right inside the door of the refrigerator that says, you know, take a moment. That's so funny. Do your keys need refrigeration. No. So anyways. So and by the way, I tell that story on stage. Because everything that happens is, I scrape my life for content for the stage. The way a waiter uses one of those little metal sticks to clear the breadcrumbs off your tabletop. Yeah. I mean, I am forever, I feel like I have like a Roomba in my head. That just, you know, goes around all the time.

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