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The iheartradio app. Oh welcome to the big five o'clock hour for the end of the week voice. Line people in just about fifteen minutes from now. There's two rounds of them. They just sound off whatever their worked up about during the past week. We'll play of their calls in between the two rounds. We do have a hack for the dumpster at lana. The mob members or here. They'll help us. Throw this hack into the dumpster. It was an easy choice this week. Particularly with the development that occurred a week ago and then yesterday concerning the criminal justice system in the state of california this particular hack has been trying to make it easier and easier on criminals for far too many years we actually had an encounter with them on air about three years ago. We'll play part of and then we'll get. Oh this person. All policies let criminals out early so and they ended up killing people. Yeah but that's what this guy does makes makes it easier for innocent people to die. He gets reelected every year for decades. Go figure so News outlets from around the country are trying to figure out what's interesting angle to cover the recall of gavin. Newsom out there in crazy california. What can we do. There might be a little different but seems really right on in terms of Topicality well a writer. By the of lisa bono's for the washington post has the headline climate change inequality a recall vote. How the french laundry embodies california. Yes is this is a keeper. One one of the most expensive restaurants in the nation embodies the whole state notice. She could written an article on all the businesses that were closed. All the kids that were thrown out of school How the unemployment department got backed up with millions. And millions of claims that that's real world real people suffering but instead it's like climate change and inequality at the french laundry out bodies staff. It's like all right. How far out of touch can you be a. She explains it this way. We're reading ahead here. But let's start with the difficulty of snagging table. If you're not a government official or a high priced lobbyists. You'll have to get the old fashioned way reservations for the entire month open at ten. Am pacific on the first day the previous month. So if you wanna table for november. Set your alarm now and recruit a handful of friends with fast fingers to book a table on october. First before you're charged sinti or credit card and yes. Diners charged up front. The french laundry has whetted your appetite with anticipation there's nothing more delicious than exclusivity when you finally arrive and drive right past and drive right without noticing because one tour. I said i thought it would be on a mountainside. You're reminded that california wealth is subtle like the tech billionaire. Who shows up to dinner in jeans and flip flops or the celebrity who lives in venice bungalow. The french laundry exterior is not showing from the street. The large dark gray house. The first level covered in ivy and shades drawn obscuring. The faces of whoever is dining inside is well appointed but not extravagant. The sign out front is easily blocked. A stretch limo stops by to drop off patrons. The opulence at the french laundry kicks in once. You're inside the food. The why the service. Then she gets into this thing about whether to insider outside and apparently they do charge more. If you want to sit outside four hundred fifty dollars a person four hundred fifty dollars three fifty if you wanna sit inside which gets talking about the air quality and of course we're about one hundred and fifty miles. She said from the dixie fire one of the largest state history but now here she goes with the woke crowd california's low income residents and people have cut are disproportionately exposed to pollution from vehicles poorer. Californians are less likely to be able to afford portable air purifiers. Expensive air filtration systems. They're more likely to have jobs. They keep outdoors and expose. You gotta love this. She's talking about rich. People like newsome who pay four fifty outdoors in the fresh air up in the mountains. Wine country and that veers into poor people can't afford air purifiers. Wealthier residents can fleet a second. Homes are vacation rentals on. The air gets bad okay. Poor people cannot wow. She just discovered this. She just discovered that wealthier people live better than poor people. I never noticed that. Did you notice that. did you notice. Poor people don't eat outdoors for four fifty plate. Never would've occurred to me then. She talks about food insecurity. It's one of your favorite terms. Both california's we're not dining at michelin starred restaurants during the pan-demic many weren't even getting enough to eat a team of ucla. Researchers found that in the first three months of the pandemic three million adults in california lack sufficient food a twenty two percent increase since before the pandemic. This is the part of the jonah's that come. I see somebody fat be outcome. I see so many people if everyone is so food insecure. How does that work. Nobody seems to be food insecure. The rise and food insecurity is a part of the reason. Newsome's dinner at the french laundry nearly a year ago struck so many as towed okay. Can i stop her their first of all nobody uses the term food insecurity and most people had no idea what it means. It has nothing to do with the reason that people got pissed off about his photo at the french laundry. They got pissed off because he had ordered everybody to wear masks. You can't eat indoors. In fact restaurants were closed for indoor and outdoor dining. He closed outdoor dining. Just three weeks later this from the day you went to the french laundry and then then you had the photograph come out so if he had eaten at like a fright as it would still be a story. You're right but because it was the french laundry with the lobbyists took lobbyists. It was them not wearing masks and still nobody asks him. You were telling everybody. This was a horribly deadly disease. We're all going. We all should be afraid. We're all gonna die. Hospitals overloaded bob by. You're the one who said that. How come you weren't afraid. How come the twenty-one other sucks you were having dinner with weren't afraid. She writes california. One of the highest measures of income inequality in the country. Only five other states have bigger gaps between the wealthiest and the low income families. Much of that disparity comes through in the fancy homes and flashy cars that overshadow those who are hungry and homeless but it's also reflected who can afford the luxury of time being a five hour meal or a two week vacation who can outsource their childcare. They're cooking and they're shopping. And who's providing those services and you know when when she makes us point. I do agree that the state has incredible income disparity so but this crowd that lives at the top of the people. Were talking about here especially the tech people that go to the french laundry. They're the ones that vote for these idiots. Yeah they did have destroyed. This state drove out the middle class. And that's an taxes. Why do wealthy people vote for politicians that turn san francisco into a sore. Why do they do that. Why do wealthy people in san francisco elect politicians who've made it one of the most disgusting cities in america..

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