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And how did how did people do that? And it will stay with a straight face. I don't get it. I mean, I just don't get it. And But, you know, you look at the Trump president. What? What's Where the Republican Party is right now, Mitch McConnell example. Right after not the January 6th thing. Mitch McConnell stood in the well of the Senate and said that Donald Trump for some significant amount of the responsibility for what happened on January 6th. Kevin McCarthy, that the minority leader in this in the House said the same thing that Donald Trump has s'more and I think his words with significant responsibility for what happened on January 6th. And yet two weeks later, so no, no, he had nothing to do with it. It's not wasn't trump Matter of fact, I heard one person say recently, actually, that the Democrats are responsible for it because they egg trump on and he and he then God is his folks toe challenge it. So it really was the Democrats for and then, of course, now the big big line that that's come out recently. Is most of the people who were in the who breached the Senate, the capital. Most of them didn't do any damage. And now the line from Republicans is That will all they were doing is exercising their right to protest. They weren't they weren't there to do any damage. They weren't there to do that they were protesting what they believe to be a rigged election. Give me a break. Give me a break. What they did was wrong, but they aren't did was criminal And who knows, Anyway? We'll talk about that. Anybody has some calls and some thoughts on it, but it before with that, let's let's change gears and talk to you. We were gonna be the guy that controls my life. His name is Vern and he burned just signaled to me that we need to take a break and make some money, so we'll take You're breaking that marked on the Tom Moore short for 1092266 Dado and we'll be back with your calls..

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