Obama Administration, Iran, Patterson discussed on Overnight re-air of day's programming


Where is the envoys would die off there were many openings and and the Obama administration toward the end of its tenure export and talked about some of those openings with with Iran's whether it would be counter narcotics whether it be some kind of scientific exchange for their things you can do to sort of bring them back into the international fall there was never any illusions their service and foster dress and ballistic missile problem or the proxy problems those wrongly seen as as right down the road former Assistant Secretary of state in the Obama administration and Patterson thank on the JCPOA experience because I think it actually has some valuable lessons for the passport I think we committed mistakes both before and after the JCPOA before in the sense that we started the secret inquisitions in Amman which are critical to the success of the nuclear deal later on but I think that already burned the bridges to the Gulf countries and also to Israel to certain extent because they thought we were trying to deal with the Iranians behind their back and this is my definition going to come at the expense of the values of the international crisis group so now we have tried different scenarios of trying to incite or encourage the Gulf countries to negotiate with Iran on their own or to negotiate with Iran behind their back or to stop them from negotiating with Iran or if he has anything wrong which I think is the case right now and and I think the lesson of the JCPOA is that these two processes should happen in parallel you can't have a separate arms control negotiations and a discussion about the region and in subsequent steps but rather it these things have to happen in parallel because any narrow transactions with Iran will not survive in the context of the broader enmity that exists and second I think after the security we also committed the mistake in order to eliminate the concerns of the Gulf countries what did we do we sold them.

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