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And I think that's the advantage he may have is we're still at his core, I think, talking about a coach that believes in a developmental program. Believes in developing players. So can he get to number three nationally every year or overtake George Alabama every year? Maybe not. But if he can get to 8, 6, four, 11, maybe the developmental part of what he has can put a product out that will compete with Georgia and Alabama on the field every year. So I do think that part is definitely possible, overtaking Kirby smart and Nick Saban and recruiting. Nobody's going to do that, but you have to at least show up for the fight. Right now, it doesn't seem like auburn is. Anyway, to kio, Cole, this will be the first of many conversations. We appreciate both of your time. Yes, sir. We will see you very soon. Thanks so much. Sounds good. We're heading to a break here. I think we're going to actually take some phone calls in a moment. Is that right? Seems like it's been so awesome. We've done that. I'm not sure I remember the number. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Well, we're a long way from being done. We're going to talk more about the auburn day with Brian harsh and then a and M day. Billy lucci returns to the show. And we're counting down to the last media member, one of the most talked about segments every year. It's the last segment at media days and we don't have a lot to choose from right now. By the way, this can be misleading, sometimes people will come back. So we'll start getting a little more serious, but we've got, I don't know how many of these are just simply waiting out there because they're about to be guests on the show. I'm probably not certain. We will find out here in a few minutes. Two hours ago, let's talk to Mike, who was up next from Alabama. Hey, Mike. Hey, Paul, I love your show and love the SEC network. Thank you. I've been an SEC guy for nearly 70 years and I graduated from an ACC university Georgia Tech. So I was very interested yesterday here at the ACC commissioner had to say, and so I forced myself to watch the ACC network, but Paul, I thought their commissioner was delusional at best, as well as their network personnel. What did you think of his comments? Yeah, I don't really, I haven't seen the network, so I'll refrain from commenting on that. But in relation to Jim Phillips, I have watched what he had to say. And I was stunned by how out of touch Jim Phillips appeared. Delusionals are strong order, but I'm certainly not going to argue with you. I don't think it's delusional as much as refusing to admit that he's the steward of a second tier network. And excuse me. A second tier content. I agree with that. Don't go. Please, nobody go Freudian on me, okay? He said something that I was stunned by. He said, I believe that we are I'm paraphrasing because I don't have the quote directly in front of me, but I can get it. I believe that we are the best conference. College football conference in the country or the best conference in the country. And I would have to push back for he's a PhD. And I said earlier on SportsCenter or greeny or one of those shows that he could not get that argument passed a dissertation committee. He'd be shut down. He wouldn't be a doctor. And I feel sorry for the guy because he was a really smart athletic director at northwestern, but his first year at the ACC has been a failing grade and I base it on not the fact that the Big Ten now has two critically important members in the SEC, but by his stupidity for going in with the other two conferences on this alliance and then going against Greg sankey and others on the expansion of the CFP. That's a league that desperately needs expansion and they are in a world of hurt right now if they don't get Notre-Dame and nobody in college football believes they're going to get Notre-Dame. Kevin is up next in Austin. Hello, Kevin. Good afternoon. Hey Paul, how are you? We are doing great. Thank you for calling. I enjoyed the talk with Jimbo. I agree with you. I thought he was much more relaxed or composed. This year, I do have the bone to pick with you, though, on the timing of the Kurt bulls discussion. Of course, the long lines trying to get on TV the same day as the aggies have their press two years in a row and I thought it was a pretty blatant provocation by you and your show to get Kirk Bowles, the head writer of the school newspaper for the University of Texas on immediately following Jimbo Fisher. By the way, I saw you lamenting swim swam with mister sankey there. And the reason those outlets get traction is because people doubt the legitimacy of publications like the Austin American statesman, I live in Austin. And I've lived here 13 years, Kurt bulls and the Austin American statement, statesmen don't even realize the second largest public university in the nation is literally 90 miles east of our town, and there's almost a million alumni across the state of Texas. And this is the publication of capital city. We're at the end of the hour. We'll continue this. We're two more hours to go.

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