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But but this is an era still when hereditary title, although it was less frequent. But a hereditary title could still be granted by a monarch, you know, you could be made the Duke of something, and it would transfer to your family and come with land that doesn't happen anymore. Right. The last time the Queen of England granted a hereditary title. I don't know what it was. But not in recent years. So if for example, Kate Middleton wanted to just 'cause she's duchess of Cambridge. She can't like tear down Cambridge University and build whatever she wants hot yoga studio. They no longer have that kind of power and that was in declined throughout the seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth centuries. You know, the like Oliver Cromwell definitely took some of the power away from the monarch. And it was the air the rise of the the parliament and democracy was in the air. No longer absolute monarchs, but they do still have a very important power, which is over family of. Fares and family trees. Right. Well, and in politics as well much more so than they had in the twentieth century. Sure. But I was trying to jump to the nominal topic. Kind of influence that someone like a Queen, Victoria, the familiar power though, translated into real political power and political power in Europe at that time was a family business. Well, there's a lot of it is just alliances instability. You feel like France is not going to invade you if you can marry somebody off to of French nobler, France, not being a good example here, but it's complicated, though, when everyone is related to everyone because if everyone's related to everyone, it's no longer really inhibits political problems. Right. You need a few unrelated countries that everyone can still invade. Right. I mean, if you read Shakespeare just being related to someone does not keep you from wanting them dead. And this was the case in the nineteenth century that literally all the crowned heads of Europe were related and intermarried. Well, so part of this Pax Britannica this sense that now that the United Kingdom was the glue. Global hegemony that their navy was capable of projecting their political power globally. And also, this is after the wealth of nations was written and and Britain adopted capitalism as their lingua franca. It was now seen as bad for business to have war it nation of shopkeepers now. That's right, not admirals or whatever anymore. And so what had been prior to this an era where Europe was or multiple errors where Europe was sort of almost constantly at war in one form or another Queen Victoria in particular as she became more and more of a power and more and more of a personification of the Pax Britannica. She said about two through this process of marriage alliance solidify what was hoped to be a kind of perpetual era of inter. Linked European nations that had no cause to war and Victoria because she was having never seen actual siblings. I guess she thought no one could ever fight. Well, Victoria knew a little bit about sibling rivalry because she had nine children and her nine children were all princesses and princes and potentially major players in the Europeans fear of influence, and she was very adept at marrying her children to other Royal houses. We have the idea that Queen Victoria was sexually repressed this her era. But I understand that's actually not true. There are many accounts that she was deeply in love with Albert famously more for decades after his death and was actually pretty into sex, but less so into child rearing like I don't know if she was the most attentive mom that wouldn't have been very fashionable. I think she turned her. Over two thousand nannies. I think she also like beat them and told them they were ugly. I mean to be fair if you've seen a lot of pictures of nineteenth century royals, many of them probably were ugly. Although her children were often strangely attractive. Are you picturing? Are you picturing young Princess, Victoria, young Princess, Victoria? I'm picturing here right now. I'm often picturing do you? Wallpaper with her face on it. Yeah. Victoria, and Albert were it was an arranged marriage. Like, all of these marriages would've been, but they actually were quite passionate with one another. You know, the Prince Albert is that refers now to appear sing a genital piercing. So there's a sense that Prince Albert really was really was a head of his time. He was a modern primitive party travel a lot of people don't know this..

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