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At accessories with player hair down. But how is the beauty business community? Let's take it from the macro to the micro house. The business community coming together to support one another in Greeley. Well everything is about collaboration and so downtown Greeley we try to make community that everybody wanted to did, and that's that we're still trying to. Do you know what the stores went to promote the restaurants and vice versa, and because the more people we can get down there. Of course we don't have our. Friday fast right now. Some all the other festivals. So we've done some marketing. maybe was unique, but you can't. You got it. That's our positive thing is trying to keep in front of the public and when they're ready to come out. We want them to know that we are ready. for me my hair salon. You know I booked the appointments far apart I'm always wearing a mask and everything is sanitized between every clients you know and so I had people from eight states last week there people are traveling and they are coming to downtown Greeley, so we appreciate that more than they'll ever know so. We're open and ready. You know it's interesting, and this is well kind of a negative slant on things, but I just come across a piece. from Estes Park, in which Obviously an international tourist destination, and sadly there was a car with an out of state. License plates up and Asda's, and there was a note put on the windshield that essentially said. Any other time we welcome you, but now and then it got kind of crass and vulgar. Want you to go away and you know it's really really sad because you've got businesses, estes park going. No, no, no, hang on, wait a minute. That wasn't us. We have no idea who that was, and we welcome you. So what is the temperature in Greeley when it comes to? Because as you said I, people from eight states are coming in What is the reaction from the business community? Row We want them downtown of course I I don't know if every business requires a mask, but people usually come in and say. Do I need to wear masks? and I I leave that up to you I will on your behalf. And I have a lot of mass I mean my my clothing. Companies weren't selling clothing for quite some time, and so they would use their remnants to make. The fabric math, good, old, American ingenuity and creativity. You gotTA. Love it. Yeah, we've all had to do that, so you know men and women and little kids. Little Kids Math. I don't know how keeping on a baby, but I do have some tiny so anyway you know people are are thinking about it, but they need to get out and feel good about themselves, and you know we've got a beautiful downtown, so we're ready for them to come back whenever they are ready. Linda winner ex owner accessories with the player in hair in downtown. Guerrillas look for that signature red awning again. Thank you for expressing.

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