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The December sixteenth and the only most the end of the cold and flu addition of investors that as I am much much better little bit lingering but you know when you get it you just like feel like you need to sleep twenty four hours that's gone got my energy back little bit early in a but I haven't been on an airplane the week so but unfortunately I'll be on an airplane and eight days again the company where mask when people make fun of me I don't care anyway hope and a good weekend let me start out by saying you know we're all lease us men and this is not a sexist comment because I know there are women that love sports we all love our teams all we all love our heroes on those teams are you my mailing I'm gonna guess it was in his last game because I think the quarterbacks probably still injured but if it was his last game in Giants Stadium Meadowlands I have nothing but love two reasons number one for every Antonio brown Terrell Owens you know jackasses there's your mentions and the good news is is a the way of mensch's when Jack **** in sports I thank.

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