Hong Kong police raid pro-democracy media group, arrest founder


I'm w est with the BBC News Police in Hong Kong have arrested a prominent pro democracy activists and media tycoon Jimmy Lai for suspected collusion with foreign powers. Still, I was detained along with his two sons and four other people early today on suspicion of breaching the new National Security nor America. Oi has more details. The newspaper he founded Apple Davey has been very critical of Beijing. But to see the live pictures of police raiding the office is quite astonishing in the city, where free press was very famous because this is the first time will has been used against media as well. And, of course, just last month, we saw The New York Times. Announcing that it was moving part of its Hongkong bureau to South Correa and several outlets have complained about a foreign journals these air not being renewed. So this arrested definitely a significant blow to Hong

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