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Kate's Kibble dot com. The funniest people I ever met that was not a comedian. Although he kind of himself one in a sense. He was brilliant. CEO? Herb Kelleher dubbed the eccentric, founder of Southwest Airlines. It was amazing how he came up with the idea for Southwest Airlines. Then of course, he really he did he revolutionized commercial flying and aviation, and he he did something for the passengers he made it more fun. He made it more affordable. There's no question about that. And as somebody who had a talk show twice in the Dallas Fort Worth area because that's where south west hub was I had a chance to meet him. And we had some great conversations. And he told me he listened to my radio show, whether he did or not he said that and we had a conversation about politics in sports business everything wrapped up in between. But he had some really. Busy funny comments that I wanted to scribble down immediately soon they left his lips because he was known to be that way. He he had a quick tongue with so interesting is he he was the lawyer, and he left his sperm can start south west in the sixties and the whole idea because he no he knew from flying was to have low cost transportation between a couple of cities where he had travelled Houston. Dallas and San Antonio the big. Cities where that we're located in Texas. So then. There were other competitors. Like Continental Airlines, they didn't want that southwest airline in the sky. So there was even a temporary restraining order at one point. He fought the van and he never charged anything in legal fees. He went all the way to the supreme court of Texas. They ruled in favor of south west the companies known for cheap fares lack of seating assignments. All coach cabins started flying in nineteen seventy one and really did revolutionize air travel. He really did. And he had that funny wit and the he treated people. Well, he was known for treating people who were firm. So so well that they wanted to continue to work for him. So he was the executive chair from March nineteen seventy eight until may of two thousand eight and as president and CEO from eighty one through two thousand and one. So isn't that interesting? I mean, he was so beloved he held the chairman emeritus title when you know when he died, and which was the other day. So at the age of eighty seven he dies on Thursday after the holiday and in his wake he leaves all kinds of stories a legacy. There is no question about it. He brought as American Airlines CEO Doug, Parker said freedom of. Traveled hundreds and hundreds of millions of people, and he was unmatched in his style. The way he took care of customers and shareholders the people that work for met whole whole thing. And one of the things he talked about that he enjoyed about life, by the way, which had nothing to do with running. The airlines. I heard an interview with with him where he talked about wild Turkey bourbon. And he said that he smoked most of his life and stop no matter what and he like cheese crackers for breakfast. Somewhere. Upstairs. There is a bourbon with his name on it. But God rest, so what a revolutionary guy, and what he did for so many people, especially the people who worked for him, and then especially the people who were able to afford to fly because of him huge. Herb Kelleher Kelleher founder of Southwest Airlines dead at the age of eighty seven. No truth to the rumor that Nancy Pelosi wanting to be speaker of the house was dead upon arrival did not happen. However, there were a lot of Democrats that jumped off the Pelosi train so fifteen in the end, fifteen Democrats. Initially this huge rebellion about Pelosi being speaker again with the Democrats taking over the majority in the house. But the house formerly elected her Thursday to lead the new congress. The vote was two hundred twenty one ninety two over congressman Kevin McCarthy who is now a minority leader. So Democrats gained forty seats in November elections, and that gave them their biggest electoral games in four decades and followed eight years where they were in the minority. So now, they have that commanding edge in one of the chambers of congress. We get our math. We understand it them Pelosi. Seventy eight years old. People were criticizing that fresh face that whole thing the whole idea is she used one on one meetings. She promised assignments and priorities and lobbying and all that kind of stuff, and she also promised you wouldn't serve more than four additional years and speaker. So that's it. These are her for years, and she's out the president said he looks forward to working with Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house he made that gesture earlier in the day on Thursday after that happened when he was speaking at the White House. So how about that? It's interesting with the opposition, Ohio Republican congressman John fainter. If you remember was elected speaker in twenty fifteen was twenty five Republicans voting for other candidates that was pretty much the high water, Mark. Of any speakers own party all the way back to World War One. But it says that they're certainly people can jump off. And that's exactly what happened to her with some people who did not back her. But now it's history we move on. And we see what happens with this whole wall deal, and whether or not we're going to get government in action again, and we're going to see it's going to be a couple of weeks of. Nope. Nope. Try again. Nope. Nope. Nope. And I really do think that's what we're going to see. It's not surprising. Because the president said, listen, I I said I wanted this wall. This is what we need. He compared with the day to the Vatican. Vatican has a giant wall. They're fine. All these other countries have a wall. I mean a little stretch on the Vatican thing. But whatever. This shutdown without the border deal is is is gonna change or not listen, I have some friends on the hill. I've talked to them. It doesn't seem like anyone's budging. This is not a fantasy whatever you're hearing anytime during the day listening to get any talk radio or anything on the tube anywhere, anything you're reading pretty true. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. This is the buzz in the backyard. If you in fact, have a government job, no matter what you're hearing is this concerning, right? Because you're maybe you're waiting for a paycheck. Not everybody's in that situation. But there are certainly people who are in that situation that you did have a Republican Senator the Republican Senator from Colorado Cory Gardner, who is really going to face a tough reelection in twenty twenty. Let's face it. But. He's since congressman reopened the doors to the federal government, even without that deal on the whole border wall thing, he's the first Senate Republican to call for an end to the partial shutdown even without a deal on the demand for the five Bill to fund the border wall. He says I think we should pass a continuing resolution, but there's not a CR there's no crtv found. They don't exist. They fell on the floor and someone swept them up who was getting paid. Because there's no continuing resolution. I don't see I don't see it anytime soon at all. This means weeks. It means could we go through. I dunno. Could we go through January? Four do does the government opened in a few weeks? Remember, the Senate passed a stopgap measure to keep the government open until February eighth and kept funding for the border fencing because they didn't say wall fencing flat at the twenty eighteen level. So that's not flying. I would say anybody who is planning any kind of a trip where they were going to check out one of the national parks year at luck. You need to reschedule that luckily in a sense, this is happening in the winter, which is always one this goes on because we're talking about funding and budgets, and of course, that's one that's going to happen. But there's not a lot of vacations like those nice weather vacations where people traditionally I'll say traditionally because that's not true all the way cross the board. Visit some of the national parks that have had to be shut down. Because that for one is one of the things that has happened in the midst of all this. There is a big push to see who is going to run on the democratic side against Trump when he runs in twenty twenty and that campaigns Ardy underway for.

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