Emma, Lankford, Nick War discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


Oppressive part maybe a couple lapses over a minute on defense but other than that it's been great and so jackson makes both of them is twelve point so john jackson top zarycky ten point four we'll take a break and they're giving you a round of applause ear the frozen center there are kenny goings miles bridges map mcquaid nick warden caches winstons 140 left in the first half a play for me slabs in cleveland state as the basketball jump shot by appleby ends up and insane sean seventy foul by michigan state they're going to give that one day caches winston that's going to be i believe is there finally you realize he committed the foul yeah i thought perhaps there are going to give that one the kenny goings what again appleby join a terrific job of penetrating really causing problems so act the wind for cleveland state will be tyree appleby he's got four so far denied miss the free throw does not get the bonus loose ball comes down along rebound there's a fight for and apple we almost got that rebound but it goes out of bounds and emma you will get a back at cleveland state not a great shooting freethrow ballclub they made their first four but now mr last day coming in as a team just over sixty one percent i was mad said not a good vase bridgeable the basketball now from issues state won twenty left in there on the side lankford near comes a three it's partially blocked what in our war grabs it and potent up soon now that is a heads up way by nick war with the right place at the.

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