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Well penn state just down the road from you guys i wanna mention that you know we we have to my temperature and states so how did you end up a penn state that's interesting yet is a pretty interesting story i got my master's degree university tennessee knoxville and also another big football cool and then when i went to had a job at the us geological survey as a research scientist and they had an opportunity to work with penn state on some of their satellite work they said if i came and helped amount than i they'd consider me for their phd program so that's how i ended up there speaking of satellite work uh in in the radio business they call that a segue i think you know speak satellites thi this up you did an absolutely awesome ted x talk bank here first of all and do we google your name to find that or how how do we actually find out what's the best way just google your name yeah you can google mind name and ted act and you'll definitely find it or you can go to the ted xcom fight and and tony there and you'll find in that name is dr rachel mk heavily h e a d l e y tell me about the ted ex talk what did you talk about who was your audience talk to me about that well the 10x was an interesting tough for me because it the theme of my ted acts that i spoke out was connection and so what i did as i spent much of my career the last twenty years anyway um in the satellite world i was up each year scientists studied satellite imagery and i studied the way human changed the world whether it's cutting down trees or planting crops or what have you and so my 10x i thought that was the most exciting connection between humans than the earth that i wanted to talk about so i really talked about how humans are living on the planet and how you half the ballot you know the answers never in the extreme it's always somewhere in the middle so you know we have a lot of extreme than politics than decisionmaking today and i really feel like the best answers are somewhere in the middle of that was kind of this team um it was.

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