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Are six eighty. V sports leader Well not many starters played but he did get a surprise. Bunch of their Alfred Morris actually was out there for a. Series yesterday bit of a surprise he had to carry for a couple of yards. As well and. He did have a solemn Thomas out there. Back off of the the concussion and he didn't he get some reps and then Ruben foster we'll. Hear from shannahan Shanahan on on those two guys specifically as to why they were in there but you. Heard that highlight from Richie James coming. In as a Bob FitzGerald called it. A nifty catch I like that gets swifty get nifty so Richie Jane's catches up the sideline he's gotta be in my mind the maybe the most exciting skill position player battle so far this. This preseason or or as far as guys. Who could make the. Team that you weren't expecting the, seventh round selection burst onto the scene. This preseason get this he's leading all. Forty Niner receivers or he led all forty Niner receivers this preseason fifteen. Catches one hundred ninety two yards had a twenty seven yard catch last night up the. Sideline I said the other day I wasn't convey Vince he was going to make the team after last night. I'm a little bit more confident in this Mostly because I. Didn't know where they would play them I. Thought they don't have. Tons of of five wide receiver, packages you, got Pettus who didn't, play last night you figure Trent Taylor. It'd be. One of your. Guys of course Dr, soda and Goodwin and then you have the, other guys got Bolden you got Robinson this kid Richie. James so you don't know who they're. Gonna keep and then. You're thinking about who can who can return. Victor Bolden had been a return, guide Trent Taylor Pedder skies you figure we'll also punt and. Kick, returns so it seemed like Richie James the prime spot for him would be, on the practice squad now if you look at, last night's box and where guys were getting some run if you want to look into, it at all and I know this is this is because you don't play a. Lot of the starters and you gotta have some extra guys out there get some. Looks at extra, guys but number one is that Richie James, was targeted. More than any other receiver twofold by the way dwelling was the other one Tarpley four times no idea I don't think he's going to make the team and then Richie. James eight targets had seven catches eighty yard Receiving. Twenty seven yard long he also. Had the longest punt return of the. Day twenty three yards he. Returned three punts more than anybody he. Returned to the only kickoff dot returned yesterday for a twenty two yard return so they're checking them out on. Special teams Richey James guy to pay attention to bullets from Cal. Shanahan here Dave Shanahan comment on on what. It is he was. Looking at in this final prison, game he, said there are still, position battles to be had there's still. A number. Of questions wasn't. Necessarily just position battles, this where we're gonna go with the roster, you know where we're gonna go heavy where we're gonna. Go white and it's going to be. A few tough decisions. On that that we're gonna have to really. Talk through tomorrow and part of, that is exactly what we were just talking about do you. Go, with that extra kick returner that extra skill position do you need another receiver, do you want to carry five or six of. Those guys it's up for debate Richey James said he just tried to show what he, can do he's very aware of the fact that there are a lot of good. Guys out here here's the other thing you throw them on practice squad chances are. He'll be like, you you can bring them up by weeks, that would. Be I are you can put him on practice squad chances are you will not get through the season with A healthy wide receiving corps everybody. Healthy at the end of the year seems extremely unlikely this guy could be a. Shore up option a handcuff option for you. Richie games on the position battle at wide receiver can do just. To total control and when I get my number call you not make a play and that's. Why did, we have great group of guys got here. Marquees some young guys same age as me and I understand that we got a lot of good guys. And I'm just really proud of the conveyance that we, created a, few weeks I'm glad I got the chance to experience this and I'm blessed Dave Dave whispered in my ear. First of all good morning today happy Friday during that count we're. Listening to Richie James talk there he's out, here just to help? The team wants to do? The best he can I feel like they're trying to find? Spots for them I feel. Like if, you have him back there kick and punt return. And now you're looking for reasons to get this guy on the field giving him an. Opportunity to make this team so Dave you whispered in. My ear Richey James I think. We found the nickname already you whispered. In my ear during that. Cut what'd you say Dave we gotta. Keep a guy named Rick James on the forty Niners That's. Exactly it which means Dave you've already got. The nickname you? Know? What it is you know pull it up he's working on it Richie James the super freak, nicknames here in the leadoff, spot that's, what we do. We got Alan Hansen Song Thank. You Dave.

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