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To Amazon has been set of program based on job creation, and how much tax revenue they created the the people who wanted to jobs delays to come to the area were white elites in Manhattan. According to all of the vol- AFC was the most vocal and was actually cheering which I do. Find remarkable hearing on Twitter, the loss of twenty five thousand high paying jobs that most of the people in her district and most of the people in New York wanting of course, it was guilty WikiLeaks. Well, that's just awful. Those people shouldn't get those jobs because those jobs are going to be awful for them. And it's going to gentrify their neighborhood. And and so there we go, right? You know, blacks Hispanics. They're like hell, no, we need those jobs. We absolutely need those jobs. But then there's the worry that it's going to gentrify the neighborhood. Ever. It's going to change these dilapidated buildings those aren't dilapidated that right there shows character they're going to move in. And they're going to price out everybody in property values. You're going to go up and chances are it's to get cleaner and prettier and better. But no, no, no. No, no. But what does this do and Donny Deutsch who great marketing advertising, right huge supporter Clinton on that. We could talk about that all the time he huge huge marketing and advertising guy. And you know, I mean, it's to me. I find it to be interesting. Right. I have some interesting conversations, but he points out something today that is absolutely real. And the thing that I've been talking about is the fight inside of Democratic Party. That is going on. With the super progressives. Who have the bully pulpit, the microphone and the social media reach and the kind of media reached that they're getting right now. And how bad it is for that party. When you have Alexandra or keizer Cortez.

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