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MARCY Williams, Bill Caiaccio, hit and run driver. Alludes arrest a week after critically injuring a woman onto eighty five. You're northside drive in sandy springs. Smith wick is still in the hospital after someone in two thousand nine vista blue Mustang structure and two other drivers standing on the interstate following a wreck her boss Bill Brown tells channel two action news her co workers and the regulars at their guest row pub in Brookhaven can't wait to see you again. Broken up over this genie is a rare special beautiful person. Doctors are treating her for bleeding on the brain not out of the woods yet. Mark alewine. Obey new this morning. More jobs for metro Atlanta twelve thousand three hundred jobs last month, the unemployment rate gift to three point six percent. Atlanta Journal constitution economics. Reporter Michael canals. WSB that is not a record low for. March. But it's close the metro area has added about sixty thousand jobs in the past year. The falcons have plenty of needs is the NFL draft begins in Nashville tonight. Is made a first round trade four times arriving in two thousand eight and could be to make another move tonight. Fourteen a really good place to be I think, of course, gives you tune up and down the big deal would involve jumping up to get Houston defensive tackle and Oliver. But you're giving away a lot to move up into top ten for sure. Also, wait to get Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins or office of line. Washington state's Andre Dillard or Cody four from Oklahoma drafts today on ABC channel to Jay black w a large section of a Veterans Memorial. Incoming is crumbling mayor Troy Brown below tells channel two action news. It was poorly built builder for twenty seven years came over and looked at it. There's no way to to repair it other than take it down. A crew is torn out large sections that have collapsed Rumbelow says it was a safety hazard because someone could have fallen into a big hole. WSB news time is six fifty five. Clark Howard says the best way to avoid a water disaster.

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