Walker Stapleton, Heidi, Colorado discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Four republican candidates for governor stopping by walker stapleton and doug robinson we're both laugh last night or yesterday morning and heidi gonna see you region at large extraordinary she does a phenomenal job she conducted the interviews with those folks and by all accounts they were able to to talk about some of the very important issues facing the state of colorado in an engaging way in a thoughtful way and with some good questions blogger matt walsh presented as well he's i had a couple of fifteen year olds that were coming up to my booth at the summit plenty of policy center booth and they were talking with one of my associates who was manning the booth and i stopped over and was talking to them and they said one of them said they thought the matt walsh speech where he was talking about the issue of abortion in particular that was the best speech that he'd ever seen so that's a really high praise coming from an attendee especially a teenage attendee you had actor kirk cameron one of the noted christians of our time he he presented a speech as well as jeff sessions the attorney general for the united states of course talked about issues like immigration and other topics but i thought that the highlight from the presentations that i caught yesterday was scott pruitt in the evening sessions scott pruitt is of course the director of the and he went through a whole slew of different things that the epa has been doing as far as reforms dramatic changes in the epa as far as transparency with the science that they're looking at they're not just going ahead and saying we're going to adopt science from outside agencies were going to push an agenda that is taking science and twisting it they want transparency they wanna present with the science actually says in base decisions off of the real science not the political agenda that we saw for so many years under the obama administration where the epa became weaponized and politicized he said they've been cutting eight billion dollars in regulation in the trump administration one billion dollars that alone comes from the epa he's cut a billion dollars worth of regulation of red tape from the epa that is astounding and he.

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