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Power and gas lines the fire destroyed varying some of its system underground to make them less of a fire hazard for the twenty eighteen fire killed eighty five people here and leveled eleven thousand homes including Patty savages she wants me to what's now an empty plot once nestled among tall pine trees that made it feel like home for twelve years it's unbelievable you know it the property looks so much different vacant FEMA helped many survivors after the campfire but savage wasn't one of them because she had insurance she does qualify for some of the thirteen and a half billion dollars P. Jeannie offered up to settle claims now FEMA could upend that plan with a four billion dollar claim of its own I think that they should have their own settlement with P. Jeannie and not take it from us and it turns out FEMA agrees we have no interest in competing with survivors for settlement find him a spokesman David passi says fire survivors are entitled to all the money PGA any has promised them in its plan to exit bankruptcy the problem pass he says is that attorneys who brokered that colossal deal around P. Jeannie to lump femur in with survivors even though FEMA's been left out of the talks we haven't all the negotiations despite all efforts to be included and to ensure that legitimate government planes to hold PGA any responsible could be accounted for without making it seem like somehow work fighting survivors for funding right after these fires FEMA cut checks to people desperately seeking housing and the cities and towns needing help paying firefighting costs money came from taxpayers and FEMA says they're entitled to their money back that's because state fire investigators have found P. Jeannie equipment sparked many of these fires in the first place the congressman who represents this district Douglas Alfa disputes FEMA's reasoning they're saying that that's not their first thing they want to do but it kind of sounds like a last resort which is still unacceptable because the survivors have already been through more than enough without this hanging over their heads the genie says it's been actively talking to stake holders even as FEMA maintains its been excluded Melissa sue Bolton is a spokesperson for the utility I did not have a valid legal claim against the company the bankruptcy court has approved our settlement agreement resolving all major walls are clean the judge overseeing P. genies bankruptcy has greenlit its multi billion dollar deal with survivors he's expected to consider famous claims at a hearing next month for NPR news I'm lily tamale in paradise this is NPR news running for the BBC in London I'm Sarah Hawkins with BBC topline a few stories we're following right now Iran's president Hassan Rouhani says his country is now in reaching more uranium than it did before it sign the international nuclear deal the twenty fifteen accord was meant to curb Iran's nuclear program Iran's breaches of the accord of being a response to president trump's decision to abandon it in re impose sweeping economic sanctions on Tehran Alan Johnston on Tuesday the European signatories to the accord triggered a formal dispute process over the Iranian violations Hong Kong's leader Carrie lam has said the territory special rights and freedoms could be extended beyond twenty forty seven when they are currently due to end Michael Bristow says it's unclear whether her remarks were approved by the Chinese government she seemed to offer the possibility that walk home calm house now can be maintained however she did have a warning for protest is that if they don't respect the system they have now then that could all be taken away from them and a rare species of prehistoric tree has survived the Australian bush fires thought extinct until nineteen ninety four their exact location in the wild is kept a secret Phil Mercer is in Sydney Australia is one of my pine survived the dinosaurs and well protected from huge places by water bombing at Crofton specialist fine fine says somewhat charmed by the flames but this rant species has survived Australia's bushfire crisis in London I'm Sarah Hawkins at the BBC coming.

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