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The river. Walk is turned several shades of red. Thanks to fans coming in for tonight's Valero. Alamo bowl, both Iowa State and Washington state have read in their colors, albeit a different shade. The other thing the two schools have in common is they're not in Texas. Alamo bowl director, Derek Faulk says because this year's matchup features to out of state schools the economic impact for the city is higher. They've sold out almost then Tory downtown, that's always a nice thing. You know, if you walked in the river walk last night. Starting to pick up and fans of Iowa State seemed eager to leave the freezing midwest the school sold out of their London of tickets and putt more Michael board, NewsRadio twelve hundred w on the fact that that wanted killer of a California police officer is allegedly an illegal immigrants only, given President Trump another ace in his battle over the government shutdown. He's tweeted at the border security is essential. And the Democrats must agree to a spending plan that includes funding for a wall in while the house of representatives and the Senate have germs without reaching a resolution to that partial government shutdown. So it's expected to continue through January third. That's when congress returns Republican congressman Michael Burgess called for the Senate to suspend the filibuster rule in order to allocate the funds for the border wall. My feeling is this is so important. This is an emergency. This is our southern border. This is the defensive ordination the sixty vote rule the filibuster rule in the Senate should be suspended. Allow this appropriations Bill to go forward, and and give sense to the president and give him the money. He needs. Let's get the government back open again. But let's also protect our southern border because that's critically important. As democratic leader. Nancy Pelosi is expected to become the speaker of the house says she will pass legislation. Reopening those departments after years of collecting funds national law enforcement officers memorial museum is now open in Washington DC spokesman Craig Floyd said it's really something every family should see. Visitation has.

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