President Trump, Brian Stelter, New York Times discussed on Mark Levin


KFI AM, seven ninety Tucson's. Most stimulating talk. Brian Stelter dismissed John Bolton is a talking head. You know for FOX talking head for FOX John Bolton served in two presidential positions confirmed by the Senate department of Justice. He was system attorney general for legislative affairs and assistant attorney general for the civil division. He served at the State Department under the Bush administration, he served his arm Basser to the United Nations, of course, now he's the national security advisor to President Trump. But he was dismissed it's just a talking head by Brian Stelter? Who's accomplished nothing in his life? He didn't interview of this guy. The porn star. Lawyer these slip and fall lawyer. Event. The or whatever the hell is name, and he actually promotes the guy as a serious presidential contender in a softball interview. Never questioned him about his own ethics issues. Never questioning about the lawsuits that are in his life. That that raise serious serious issues about this Lawry's integrity, never says a word. Greg gut failed points out that Brian Stelter, actually, tried to get the president of the United States banned from Twitter. And from Twitter. This is the kind of person you're dealing with here. He's used a refrain about the president of the United States and his mental wellness. He's pushed that agenda now for for months and months. I said he talked about the missing Melania Trump. Where is she? Where's the missing Melania? Trump. Now. Why does somebody do this sort of thing? I'll tell you. Why? Not only is he way over his head. He's not particularly bright dot. Really educated as a journalist. He basically was sitting in his underwear any in his basement somewhere in Pennsylvania and the New York Times spotted him. But the reason hell attack somebody like me or something is the same reason the media attack Trump or the media tack cabinet or the media tech anybody they seek. To destroy your reputation. They seek to characterists has Nate you. They seek to shut you up. Which is why so many of you love the president. He doesn't put up with it. Which is why cavenaugh must fight on or they win. The destruction of the judicial confirmation process goes on he must fight on people not stand up to this. Which is why I don't take any crap from this guy or any of these guys. And that's what the the people behind me. The next generation of broadcasters. Need to understand many of them ply. The try to play the middle while claiming to be conservative. They play up to the New York Times the play up to CNN, they will get burned. And maybe even destroyed if they play that game. Because that may be their game. But it's not the left's game. As I've told you before I cannot tell you how many times I've been invited on these these various Sunday shows and other shows as long as all attack Republicans and attack conservatives I'm going to attack them, I'll do it on my own microphone. I'm not a dancing monkey for the left. And yet they're out there. Conservatives who are happy to do. It look at the Santa's in Florida. They have tried it repeat they've tried repeatedly to paint. This man is a racist. On no basis whatsoever. Other than the left twisting his words. Trying to smear him and he's fighting back as he must. He's fighting back. We all have to fight back..

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