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Marvin Gaye right the smile and those space that's the music right there he's never heard that music that's the music right that guy's a Marvin Gaye watch out though he'll sue you right then we can he just had a smile on his but that that's what I thought you put that all the lady around like Michelle you January comes around with you you might not know what happened you mean the representative at the Arizona state capital yeah it's going on with that well she's got some well they said you got some explaining to do Lucy and this planning was there was a picture this right see so you got a boyfriend goes back in the day pre shooter if you are already pre daughter you don't you're not sure should about pre Dodger so she got a boyfriend right there hanging out there doing their thing they're hanging out with the lobbyists he works in the capital right she's doing her thing but the lobbyists is a decent looking girl and next thing you know they start flirt a little bit and some pictures start flying back and for their tree good body shots off each other they're inviting are up to the hotel room and and given our old Sharon stone saying it make it uncomfortable the old lobbyists there in saying that though they founder did that that she had done anything wrong but you do wonder what's going on down there because it sounds like fun all it sounds like it adult fun it sounds like they're a bunch of perverts down there sounds like to me I mean did they get rid of one pervert in don shooter yeah okay why did don shooter it booted well they're all these accusations that he was treating women improperly was hitting on them and the person that really was the face are down at the Arizona capitol of the me too movement down there was home Michelle you Jeanty Rita yes she was saying this guy was disgusting yeah this guy's doing that is that really why they got rid of don the entire process was manipulated by the speaker because he said it was all baloney he he tried to have the stuff come out before that and they said no because Jedi master possibly heard all this stuff in new this Michelle at there was some issues there there's no doubt in my mind that don shooter that pervert okay wasn't a joke that got him fired no no no no no he was doing this for years you know I've got sources that have told me he was doing this stuff for years being inappropriate so I believe the women when they say Hey he was treating us poorly was treating us like this but in the middle of whole thing was representative Michele you gently Rita and now her finding out years before shooter got booted well allegedly that lobbyist you were talking about did a body shot off of you gently rate up that's right Mr question and some pictures there were pictures that were going back and forth yeah if you put the he put this do you put the shot glass like on the belly button and if we don't have to go through that it doesn't matter anyway usually what I want to know that the so don't tell us what the answer is and so it now so I listen I don't know what happened but it sounds like you gentle readers boyfriend Kara pervert girl is the thing that they're grown adults they haven't broken any laws they don't treat a lobbyist like that that's L. lobbyist get a little bit closer they have a little bit more fun how close well look do you feel it yet obviously this lobbyist didn't want to go there but at the same time also I'm sure they felt that maybe they were led on right bite by them and this guy push more than I think that then then Michele agency read it in but they found nothing wrong she didn't do you should regular wall shouldn't done anything but there was an investigation but right there was no again adults can be adults but we live in a day and age where everything comes out and you know that yeah if you're a politician in you doing this with a lobbyist that's wrong but the lobby lobby says like to me because I've been the case street I've been to places you know up in Sacramento when I was up there let me tell you some they don't hire ugly people you want it to get attention right you're not getting somebody's four hundred pounds it just doesn't work that way it's like pharmaceutical sales people they all look like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston because they're gonna get people's attention but just because you're a lobbyist doesn't mean it that it's okay if you're good looking lobbyist doesn't mean it's okay to get nasty pictures from you know some representatives husband now knows now well the gross and she you know I mean they they should a set the boundaries there and obviously he I think pushed for more than her if something like that she the end and this lobby said that look she was kind of complicity in it she she also was a part of it but it's not like he was a little bit more excited like what you'll do that all my goodness I don't know what's wrong with the people in office don shooter pervert David stringer he's paying boys to do awful things yeah and do we booted him thank god Paul Moseley member Paul Moseley us together went like a thousand miles per hour on the highway and try to weasel out of any I can look right now yeah that cook guy with the snores the that you know that seems to be quite a bizarre situation where I I've read some of the notes because I think he's really trying hard and I think she's pulling him by the nose doing something with a lobbyist to yeah yeah you get rip roaring drunk last year in check and went behind the wheel yeah but I think he's getting played by her more than anything else I don't know what's in the water at the Arizona capitol for crying a lot yeah I guess to give what it's time this summer a pop quiz you can online six oh two two seven seven five eight two seven I'm sorry a lock you out of the studio yesterday right good now he will have something in your Hey you guys want to win you know what true false questions on the new two seven seven Katie our next working formed in on time with the valley's only all news morning show there was a Supreme Court now looking at whether Phoenix as you write.

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