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You're listening to John Anderson direct with Jay at the charter. These notes that John Anderson Direct is recorded live by our online streaming, which means that sometimes the audio quality is less than optimal. Jerry Better Jara. Is a professor of medicine at Stanford. University. He's research focuses on the economics of healthcare around the world. With a particular emphasis on the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations. He, became a will non commentator on covid nineteen when Ikbal this year he showed that the vars is foulis deadly than the world. Health Organization initially stated. Giant. I'm really thankful for your time today. It's very good view. The US. Currently as I understand, it has a little I have a five million confirmed cases of COVID nineteen. Record something like one hundred and sixty, five, thousand deaths. It's emotionally and politically charged to the extent that I think it's hard to get a real handle on what's happening and what ought to be done now can you give us a feel for what is happening? In America. And why so hard To get the facts on the title. It says you said politically charged in a that I in my lifetime never seen a medical issue before and the other thing that's challenging the United States it's and we talk about the United States as a country. But in fact, it's it's lots of different regions that are experiencing the epidemic very, very differently. So creating a single national policies, a very challenging thing I suspect similar similars same as turned Australia's well, it's it's very. So it's it's a card, some parts of the country like New York New Jersey. In the northeast had their bit with the a massive pain of the epidemic in March April and they look like come out the other side that very few cases and very few deaths there. Now, the the South Sun belt up seems to have gone up now are starting to get on the other side have been through a very rough last few months, and then the rest countries waiting nervously to see what happens next cases of finally start to come down after a after the after the rise the it's that it's not one. Country it's multiple regions I think that is politically incredibly challenging. And you've been responsible for putting some very hard numbers on the table. As I understand it the World Health Organization initially estimated that. Around three percent of the people who contacted the covid nineteen would die. You put very different numbers on the table more. I think in line of one or two thousand. was proven so difficult to get a real handle..

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