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And what we call the collision specialist studios. We love those guys. They fix cars not insurance companies. Just remember that okay. The president trump has done it again in the sense that he's done something. I consider to be somewhat irrational whole lot. Irrational he's he decided just boom the other day that they're going to move the space command from colorado springs here in colorado taliban in birmingham now there are some space assets down there already. There be granted but the pentagon was in the middle of doing a up a research. Kind of thing evaluation now. Here's the thing about president. Trump there are protocols and there are systems and there are procedures in place in order to do things in government. some people call that proper process. Some people call it red tape. Take your pick. There just depends on how you look at it. And sometimes i believe it is red tape but on the other hand there are processes there to make good decisions so that you have all the information to make decision and make it wisely all right. Well he just all of a sudden. The other date told the air force secretary. Her name is bo barrett. That we're going to. We're going to move space command from colorado springs colorado alabama boom but done. Well first of all. It's not done. The man's only going to be an office two more days wednesday. He's gone biden. Could overturn this very quickly. And even at this point there's nothing been really done in this short weaker. Whatever lot of people credit this in in ed my friend oughta introduced you to ed yet. I did if you just tuned in At at hanes is with me this morning. He's a former chairman of the republican party and lumber county and has a severe severe political addiction Somewhat similar to mind. Anyway what what. What do you make of this. There's got to be some political stuff behind so these kinds of decisions are always have to be looked at from political lands and alabama now has two republican senators and six of the seven house districts and co colorado. Just rejected cory gardner. As as a great senator absolutely the president and now we have two democrats senators..

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