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Fair and balanced gallo news time is eleven o3 from the kelocom new center i'm nick hill one of the two homicide suspects has been located maria leclair was spotted in red wing minnesota on thursday and she was arrested without incident police are still following up on various tips to find men free as but he has not yet been found there will be more information released at the 1030 media briefing on friday senator mike rounds says the recently passed tax reform measure is kind of a big deal i think it's probably one of the most important pieces of legislation that's been passed in in years round says there has been a pentup demand to get the us economy going again he appeared today on the greg belford show see falls based doc you tap has laid off about two dozen employees according to sioux falls dubbed business it's not because the tech company is doing badly the company says it's because it is experiencing significant growth and needs to restructure doc you tap has about two hundred fifty workers in sioux falls trent south dakota population two hundred thirty six competes with its big neighbour sioux falls when it comes to city government intrigue the moody county enterprise reported on the resignation of transport president bob dickey last week there were accusations of unethical and illegal activities none of which was spelled out citizens filed a recall petition other simply swore at dickey the paper reported so dickey quit the board but kept his job is town maintenance man todd up kelo dot com news he is going to run just not yet state senator neil tapiola a republican from watertown i would consider myself a likely candidate for the us house of representative in the near future he says he will formally announce in a few weeks when he does he'll face secretary of state shanto crabs and former governors chief of staff dusty johnson in the gop primary from the kelocom new center i'm nick kill the new rooms never stops kelo newstalk 1320 1079 follow the world's best golfers at the second masters tournament april.

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