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This was a time when you let your kids go out and play even after dark in the ARD. We. Just kind of cut that off because. Well. It wasn't a safe environment. Though panties arrests might not change the impact that anals disappearance out on the community peters went on to say it felt really good to finally see an arrest made in the case. Greely Mayor John Gates. Speaking to the Greeley trip by the way really mayor John Gates will join us this morning at eight thirty five. But Mayor Gates said we all hoped and indeed we did this day would come. I guess proof that even cases that are cold that have been unsolved for thirty, four, thirty, five years can be solved with a lot of diligence. Mayor Gates who also serves as chief of safety and security at Greeley Evans School district six as you're well aware spent twenty five. Working. At the Greeley Police Department. He said not only from his experience with the department, but since his retirement. The Greeley PD has never put this case on the shelf. Gates said this case has been actively worked for thirty five years. Probably paid huge dividends I'm happy for the family, the police officers and the community because this is about a thirty six year old case. And when I first heard the news I got goosebumps. I'm happy for everyone involved. It looks like a substantial step towards clearing it all up. Now, the indictment doesn't explain why painting might have targeted Donell but it does detail number of connections between him and the Matthews family and numerous inconsistent and suspicious statements. Panky has made over the years. That includes detail of the crime scene, not previously made available to the public. panky would watch school children walk home from Franklin Middle School. We're matthews went to school according to the indictment. Panky also attended the Sunny View Church of the Nazarene until about June nineteen, seventy eight. and. The Matthews family joined that same church that summer. Now in an interview back in March of Nineteen ninety-five. panky stated. that. Two Police Officers Live in the same block as journal. Which started and? Familiarity, with her neighborhood, the indictment goes on to say panky also discussed the critical piece of evidence from the Matthew's House law enforcement actually withheld from the public. Specifically Rake used to obliterate show shoe impressions in the snow. Prosecutors noted in the indictment that panky intentionally inserted himself in the investigation many times over the years claiming to have knowledge of the crime. Those, claims became inconsistent and incriminating over time. He filed pleadings in many cases that contain direct and veiled statements about Chanel. For example, in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, pleading feel filed with the Idaho. Supreme Court he argued that if the court ruled in a certain fashion and these are his words quote, it is reasonable for the appellant to believe he would get the death penalty penalty for revealing the location of Janelle Matthews Body close quote. He also wrote without a deal. This case will never be solved according to the indictment panky repeatedly demanded immunity in exchange for information he to possess about two now's murder in an April two, thousand, three court pleading. He asserted. The Family should be informed that John died before crossing tenth street. And not to give the family, hope. panky stated in an August twenty thirteen letter. About a week after the fact, I realized a blanket or comforter quilt also disappeared from the Matthew's house. Some experiences he said are hard to forget..

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