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Wilson may be on his mission converting people by making them make super bowl bet sell. Okay join the movement bill you could. You could actually have a church named after you recruited enough people to get in the same boat with you actually. If enough jet fans join me in they went to super bowl. Then yeah we share like a whole path. I honestly think that you could. You could pull jet fans and say. Would you give up caffeine alcohol sex before marriage if it meant that. You got a supernatural. I we had a bunch of wives. You could get a bunch of wives. Yeah we would just be bad. Mormons opened like a bad mormon temple. I think so. Let's try stay. Greeny signed up and he was by wives. I think you have to give. I think if if you win a super bowl you have to give you to be a good woman for a year at least yes. You can't yeah. How about the rest. Nothing of february. No no this is nothing otherwise you exactly how would actually convert. Yes and you have to be the fall. All the rules for one full year tat is ridiculous. Our the clock resets. I think you can do caffeine. No billy i'll say this. If jack wilson wins the super bowl and so it's over the course of his entire career for the jets or the jets for for the job if he wins and you do not follow the more rules. You're fired you're fired until you complete a year. now you can be on. You can say on helmet jets in that first year. Just was what if you fuck up. Then you're out pro being more in free you set aside and i forgot okay. Well what's jackson. Remove all right. So that's the deal other things. Big ben looked awesome yes bins pump. Fake is back. it also made me. I don't know why sort of following this guy. But it went back to the writer ryan burrow. Remember when we read his tweets he he was bumping all his tweets just as a refresher he said benz. Camp says biggest concern is weight loss. He's been so driven since season ended. Sources say his diet stricter and brady and source goes on to say from an arm. Standpoint ben is more likely to win his first league. mvp that finish outside top ten in passing again. His ben is the source. But i listen. When like there are signs of big ben when he is doing that pump. Fake it gets the gets a camera to move. and then he throws the heath miller for touchdown. It's like okay. The steelers does big time. Officially by keith. Miller look great as he's ever been looks like he's still twenty five years old i. It's preseason for the cameraman to because i've noticing a lot of that unlike play actions. They're getting duped pretty easily. Yes and if you're a cameraman right now you have to buckle down because the robot cameras in the end zone that shooting an ak are coming for your job yes. We need to buckle that shit up by week one. I would have this been as my number one quarterback in division This been now we saw from the week. Well let's not forget by the way our friend. Joe borough is coming back. I feel like we haven't said his name. I haven't heard his name out there. That much. joe. Borough would we end up calling him last year. I think he he moved past poise. I think he ended up being that dude before he got his knee. Broken in half But i feel like we need to respect your borough more absolutely we also need to respect is now it has become like an insane story. The fact that the the baltimore ravens have won. Nineteen preseason games in a row That's just that is actually a streak that needs to be like acknowledged and also given a ton of credit. Because they're not like you could just do that by playing all your starters for the entire. All preseason games. They're obviously not doing that. They haven't lost a preseason game since two thousand fifteen. I'm convinced that somewhere. In john harbaugh's like contract. There's got to be a bonus for winning preseason games because it makes no sense. I think john harbaugh has in the back of his head all the time that he's been beaten up by his brother playing sports in the backyard so he has a chance to win it something competition. Yeah if he has a chance to compete and win do it. Each and every time gotta take advantage of of every chance you have to win even when the other coach like obviously doesn't care about winning. Yes and he game so the question becomes do we bet on it because i feel like the second. No we get in on eventually. It's going to be over. It's been mush. I've like. I've thought about betting on it last week. It's too late it's too late you can't you can't get on very early on. I always go back to whatever it was you. Tap and their streak of their bad basketball team. Look it up for me cheek. I think it was. Smu knows you tap basketball. They covered like thirteen games in a row. And i was on it from like game four and it was one of the greatest feelings to be on that or the blackhawks. I period over run a couple years ago. You have to be in on it. Within the first. I'd say half dozen games to really feel like invested in. Also be at the point where you're going to bet it blindly knowing that you've already major money Like if you get to that because like that's really what it comes down to is. If you have been betting this ravens preseason thing for a couple years you just keep smashing the bet knowing that you're still gonna come out on top. Yeah but we're too late in if we bet it will obviously go the other way. Yeah i don't know. I feel like i have to get in in the last game do it. I have to try go full. I mean do jersey's going to have the partial sportsbook right. Yeah i feel like that's gotta be my inaugural better. Yeah trace mcsorley playing I don't know now he's out for the for the preseason back injuries. That's not good. That's tough that's really bad. All right mitch trubisky. Who is the guest on this show. Great interview coming up. He diced the bears. Defense up I mean it just shows listen. People are gonna probably listen to this interview and be like. Why did you go hard on mitch. I've always been pretty consistent with mitch. And that i. I didn't think he was the guy but i also thought nagy deserved a shitload of blame and then you see him with the play. Caller like brian table and obviously it's preseason but they were running tampo and he looked fucking awesome. He looked honestly like a first round quarterback. He did he look that good and i'm convinced that this year he's going to get in a couple of times isn't blow games. He's gonna look just as good as he did in this preseason game honestly he doesn't even need to get anymore just based on on what he showed against the bears today at the end of the season there's going to be a team like the eagles. Yeah that's going to go out and be like. Hey mitch might be the guy. He was a first round. Pick remember and they're going to get them and he's going to be good if he has a good play caller. Yeah it's also crazy to look. Obviously just fields changed everything. But it's crazy to think that ryan pace. There was a moment in time where he said to himself. Andy dalton present day is better than mitch bisky present day which is just not true. Absolutely not true so and now they're doing the song and dance because matt nagy keep saying don't starting week one i i get it. People are saying. Well you don't want aaron. Donald to kill justin feels guess. What every teams got grown men playing you. I mean like if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen right like you gotta get him in there. I think they're just doing it because they have to figure out a way to make. It seem like ten million dollars to andy. Dalton wasn't a mystic. that's part of it. I also think part of his matt nagy told andy dalton in the process right. You're going to get the starting job next year. So i know that just feels..

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