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Again, everything kind of evolved from the initial projection on how we're going to get involved. I mean, I had my team and we had to know how on character creation. That's what we were doing already. And that's how we started. We even had an animator that we started doing as far as we started doing animation tests. Working with Alberto, and eventually things evolved in a way that Alberto took on on that and work alert. You correct me if I'm wrong or if some things are in a specific, but he has started to work with also with Marco Regina in a bunch of amazing amazing animators and that's the part that Alberto took on as well. So we started at the end eventually like the whole animation supervision in production just landed on the right side. And then the final renders and all of that went through your studio, Alberto. I mean, listen, I think it's a little bit unfair to say at this point. Who did what? As I say, Leo Sanchez and Pinkman TV, they exist because we needed to create studios in order to finance and put some order. But in a way, it was way more organic than that. And it was definitely like a fusion in any case. Because we were also working remotely and other pioneer kind of thing here. We were actually working under the same roof. We were actually all working in the same server. And as a director, I was very much supervising everything. But I could never say that, okay, this is just layers studio. This is just ping man. This is I think it was way more organic than that. At the end of the day, it's almost like two guys working in a living room, having a bunch of collaborators, and then later in order of make things more clear, we needed to separate tasks, I mean, we could ask a lot of the times this question probably, other people working on this ambitious short films that we do on our own. You need to follow at the end to this organic process because it's true that you can have it very defined in trying to do it by the book. But 15 minutes, short animated short with this, it is level of complexities and all of that..

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