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At Online Trading Academy and also one of the top instructors at Online Trading Academy. But as far as generating income in the markets and a lot of our listeners are not quite sure about investing time. Right. Investing time rather than just spending time, if you invest your time wisely, you know, you can really get a great return on it. Once you have the skill to generate this consistent income inside of the market. Nobody can ever fire you from that. That's yours, and it's yours to keep. But also more importantly, it's yours to pass on worth some of the keys or what have you ever? Even some of the examples you could share with our listeners on this kind of proactive approach and how how simple and easy it is to really integrate into anybody's lifestyle. First thing. I would say is a match up with your life would look like if you could generate the supplemental income you're looking for doesn't mean you have to go out and find another job. It means that you can do what you love every single day. And a lot of times as you mentioned Ryan, they make trading and investing look so dif-. Difficult. Well, most of the students that come through the half day class. They realize they've been lied to by almost everything they've ever been taught in their lives. And and it's so sad because most people feel they can't do this. They've been led to believe this is really hard the beauty of being able to learn how to trade the right way is that you can fit a particular trading style to your need. Absolutely. And right now, we have a half day class coming up in your area. And would you register for the half day class? You'll also receive the Wall Street insiders kit that's packed with lessons from some of our top instructors on topics like shorting, the markets income generation and much much more one of the most important things about this Wall Street insider kit.

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