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L b has today off. Who wondered why Iggy Pop is bumping in the bottom of the hour. I am too. It's red. All right. Welcome back. It's been a good day to be a really good day. Last chance for you to get through. If you wanna call Don't call that's fine. I've got a good straight going. I'm on a heater. I have not taken a single phone call today. How many single host shows for three hours could go three hours about one phone call. One. This one. So for the right call, I'll take it. But what I am efforting right now is the head basketball coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Mike Budenholzer. And I'm gonna run him down momentarily. If you'd rather take me up on Twitter. You could do that at Jim Rome, and we're all over the divisional matchups tomorrow. It's been such a big week, not spend a lot of time talking about the NFL matchups. We'll all over tomorrow I'll have previews off thoughts. The big head. James Kelly will come in. And make his picks. I've been looking at these games all week long thinking about these games all week long. Straight up and 80 s And it is a tough, tough week. Two big games but a great weekend Wash games Saturday and Sunday, so it's gonna be fun. Like I mentioned Going to the last segment where I have an interview. It doesn't mean you can't get through, in fact is I'm efforting. I'm thinking about taking a phone call right now. But I see the hotline ringing. I don't wanna do a caller wrong and after hook that caller, especially if that caller is a good collar. But if you're on hold stay there. We're joined right now by the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. He is in his third season with the box. He is a two time NBA coach of the year. He won four NBA titles with spores organization. Milwaukee is in first in the central and they're hosting Dallas tomorrow night. Mike Budenholzer is my guest, Mike. It's so good to have you back. How are you, Mike? I'm doing great job. How you doing? Good, great. It's great to visit with you. Thanks for making time for the show. We start here. You beat Detroit last night In a game where you held the Pistons to 13 points in the first quarter. You've got some really good looks on the offensive end. There was this sequence late in the first quarter, where four players had three passes and two dribbles in six seconds, and it led to a three at the buzzer. We start right there. What kind of quick ball movement in offensive flow like that? How does that make you feel? His head coach. Yeah, it's good when the ball's moving and we're playing with each other. That's obviously and it's been popular on the court. It's just no good things up, and so Our ball movement. Just our success have been pretty good lately, and Um, no. That's how we want to play. And, you know, we got great players and they're willing to play that way. Um, you know, it could be fun to watch fun to play. Um, yeah, we'll see if we get some more of those possessions. Mike Budenholzer joining us and then that was one of the 19 threes that you guys hit last night. You're currently second in the league in three point shooting percentage. You've always encouraged you guys. The Let it fly from deep and I know there's a lot of work to be done. But does it feel like does it feel like this might be the best three point shooting team you've had since you arrived there? Yeah, I think you know it is early, and there's a long ways to go. But, you know, John Horse Arjun does is just phenomenal. Does a great job. And I think we felt like we we've prioritized shooting since we've been here since I've been here together with John and We felt like we needed take it, You know, just try and get even better. And, um, we do feel like it. It's better. And, you know, we got to keep working to get those guys. Good luck. Keep it. The ball keeps moving and We've got great players that can draw extra attention and then find shooters around himself. But yeah, with the additions of you know, DEA Jagga Steen brand Ford's Bobby Portis off our bench. Um, you know, those guys can all really shoot it. Bobby's unique as a 54 that could spread the floor and just, you know, get a lot of buckets quick and I'm including from behind the three point line. So the shooting, you know, it's a big part of what we need around. You know, Chris and John, it's Andrew. We're talking bucks basketball head coach Mike Budenholzer. My guests. You know when you mentioned Drew, like Drew holiday had 21 last night, and then I thought was really interesting. What you honest had to say afterwards, he said quote. I knew he was really good. But every day I play with him. I realized how good of a person he is. Ah, good teammate. He is. How much better is that what I thought and a quote. So what's it been like to work with Drew so far and what's he bring to your team? Yeah, It's been great. You know, Janek said it Well, I think You know, it's interesting. I've been in the east Now, I think seven years I think this is going on a obviously on it, you know, drafted 78 years ago. When teams playing the opposite conferences. Don't play him enough. You know, you don't see him in the playoffs. You don't dig in. I think you know we were really excited when we signed up or are, you know maybe trade for him, But I mean, he's exceeded even our our high expectations and really the human beings just off the charge, getting to know him away from the court and everything he and his wife do to make a difference in You know, whatever community they live in, and obviously both have roots in L A. And, um, you know, it's just It's been a great great addition and he's a great player. But you know, even better human and we feel like we're just getting a dog. He's gonna get even better with that. So Um, yeah, I mean, just you know, you could hear it in Janos is words and we're excited about him and what he brings Mike Budenholzer. My guest. You honest, obviously loves him. And speaking to you honest. He had another triple double last night, but It seems like he's at the point of his career where he could drop a triple double and he's got this kind of ability where it's almost Ah ha Hold something like it's practically just expected now that he would just go out there and just dropped triple doubles on everybody. How does he look to you so far this season? Yeah. I mean, he's good, but, you know, I think he's somebody that needs. You know, lots of playing lots of five on five. I think that Lack of, you know, kind of. You know what we call open jam or the ramp up to a training camp in a normal training camp? You know, I think he's going to get better. I think you know his feel and.

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