Loewen, Burnett, Freddie Mercury discussed on Bobbycast - #68 - Kip Moore


For me that that's kind of a thing for me is in the first thing in the moon before of been talking a lot or seeing in because that a saint like own harmless wrecker to see yet that he's a whole different you got a really stress at high in and once you burn that high in a whole lot near you sing in for an hour straight that loewen's is kind of it still there amina of this are kinda nationally ever deeper voice but it's the with in you can feel it on the might you can feel it in the control room the with that i have in the morning is different than i have late at night once a burnett out an it's just that's just me just kinda learn from sing in doing so many demo threat the years in the enlighten him a voice in the morning a feels that is a whole different with to it in maybe that's become a psychological thing too but i just feel i feel really strong getting the most wit that a mother was in the morning default like using better on a shower i wonder if let generally great singers spill like they even sound veteran the shall i feel like everybody sounds better but you did like erasing the dark attack because i do and i'm like a thing but you're really get saying i think i'm even better the shower uh thing uprooting curled woman ira area again help out so i guess is a revert there what i it's like a natural rubber chamber but then why don't we create why don't i completely all that stuff in studio the guy mind that like i think it's a really good studio that never know a lot of a lot of recordings nowadays when you when you hear those old records year freddie mercury knew you these old guys as guns and rosie record those the man they were all singing in these.

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