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Degrees. I'm Jim Phillips former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort inside a Virginia federal court for his sentencing hearing Manafort entered the courtroom in a wheelchair and green jumpsuit was convicted of tax evasion. Bank fraud and failing to report foreign lobbying the charges stem from special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia investigation. Scientists say they've found a new type of killer whale optic to coast of Chile that looks distinctly different from other orcas, the whales signature white eyepatches smaller their heads a bit more rounded than normal killer whales and their dorsal fins a more narrow and pointed the scientists think it is a new species and they're waiting for test results to prove it. But no felt confident enough today to Trump at that discovery. A proposed expansion for New Bedford based waste recycling facility. As local residents already forming an opposition group, but mayor John Mitchell says he's not sure they even know what it is. They're protesting just yet parallel products based in the city's industrial park is looking to use the former polaroid property to expand its current operations. However, an organization called stop the parallel dumped has already sent out mailers geared towards stopping parallels. Proposed expansion in his weekly appearance on WB SM on Wednesday. Man, Mitchell said parallel products is not planning on creating a dump. But they haven't done a good job of letting regiments know what they're planning parallel products has to pay attention to the neighborhood parallel products to communicate exactly what it's doing. What it plans to do? And not wait for the neighborhood to to come and ask. Mitchell says the company wants to expand its current recycling operations connect to the nearby freight line and perhaps also began. In a process begin to process rather municipal sludge. The term used for a Ganic waste. He said parallel products needs. No, special permitting was zoning requirements from the city, but it must gain approvals from the State Department of environmental protection to move forward. The Dow is down two hundred points today to twenty five thousand four hundred seventy three the Bruins host the Florida Panthers tonight and hall of fame pitcher, Tom Seaver has been diagnosed with dementia and has retired from public life.

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