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Maybe push past it or hopefully. You're not too bothered by it. But the morticians were allegedly involved in necrophilia. Which let's not get into that too much and we'll just skip right past it so obviously there were dark things happening here. The boys were the first to start talking about the things they had seen inexperienced saying they were terrified according to lorraine the parents were kind of chastising the kids they thought it was all they were all crazy but the kids were so scared that they started sleeping on the floor in the living room. Which that's fine and what's even more terrifying is the sounds they were hearing. Were chains pulling coffins upstairs. There's a catch though. There were no coffins so and there were no stays right so upsetting right like no one wants to hear that. That's absolutely horrified. So the night that the mother and the niece called they were really terrified according to lorraine i'm sorry i need to stop you. How exactly do they know. That's the satin. Subsidy sounds like such an obscure sound. Be like oh. That sounds like coffins. Going upstairs with chains is thinking the same thing so a lot of this. Keep in mind that the story that lorraine is going over here is years. I mean we're talking. I mean wh when did when did this movie come out like before. I think it was before two thousand ten so it's been a while since that movie came out but this story actually happened in the eighties so keep in mind that we're not talking to lorraine warren who's in the middle of the investigation. We're talking to a lorraine warren who has already been to the investigation found closure and moved on to other things right so a lot of this is her kind of talking in in like in past tense right. So the the sound that they were hearing was chains pulling coffins upstairs. They might not have known that at the time but they may have figured that out over time and so she's just saying that's what they regard. That's how i took this. That's how i kind of framed it. When i was reading it because i'm understanding like this is like twenty years right like so. Obviously there's going to be a little bit of like a little lost in translation here where you know what. They were experiencing. What we're saying they were experiencing or what she's saying they were experiencing. They may not have known until later. That's what it were right. If it was it was present day. It'd be like hey mom. That sounds like a dozen iphone. Eleven pros chain gang. Yeah that hey mom what said snapchat filter but does that sound. That's a making idea i'm trying to. I'm trying to be relevant trying to bring it into the and you didn't even take the newest. I also odd. Yeah hey mom look that mak mak may mom. That's a mac. Mac like a palm pilot jer palm. Os running on my tv right now. Actually so done good so done love so now the kind of going back to what i was saying so the night that they called they were terrified. The niece was in a small bedroom in the back in the covers on her bed. Were levitating around her. Like there was a fan blowing them around which terrifying wouldn't want to experience that and this is kind of crazy too so during the phone call like before lorraine and ed even head that direction. They're on the phone and this stuff happens while they're on a phone call. The mother had rosary beads in her hand. They were in a in the kitchen talking to us and the beads were actually being pulled apart in her hand and falling to the floor so they were being like on..

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