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At some point, you make the decision to resign from Congress, which is a pretty big decision to make but that wasn't based necessarily on the fact that these pictures had emerged that right? Yeah I mean. I think it's a combination of things I think like I said, the idea of just continuing on with this felt like a continuation of of his views if felt like it was something that I was going to have to I, wasn't the only one being put through it. Right. My colleagues were we were about to go into. This impeachment inquiry, which was going to be a huge liability for so many of my freshman colleagues especially from his hard seats and I didn't want to be an additional liability for them. I mean, you know they were already getting questions of like. Katie Hill and I didn't want to be the one who was putting people on the position of of having to. Either stand with me because hypocrites or have to admonish sure or distance themselves for me when they were, they were my friends they were my allies and I just feel like it was the right thing to do to put them. In that situation. I think I was naive thinking that it would be easy to hold onto my seat since we flipped it. I think that I didn't really realize. You know the power of the movement that we'd built in that you know that's something that's hard to to replicate. So mine was lost to. Republican. In the special election I think we're GONNA win it back in the fall, but it's just a reminder that these things are are fragile. We can very easily move backwards if we're not paying attention. And you ethics inquiry you have to deal with also. Yeah. I mean I didn't really that doesn't really go anywhere. That was also, and this is actually something that I think is flawed with the system that ethics inquiry was opened entirely based on a tweet that my husband had put. Saying accusing me of an affair with a with an actual staffer that was based on literally nothing else. So you know it's.

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