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Wild Man Jack Coming. Now after Sparky Bill Sparky Bill Resilient while Man Jack here it is photo finish. That is too close to call a very very tight photo in one that I got wrong. On first glance I really thought spark even one in fact I think the sand and the angle his. I've just been off on it all weekend. There was a there was one race on Sunday. I thought for sure A horse coming through on the inside at one. And he didn't I thought sparky Ville had the nose down at the right time on this one. I was wrong. He didn't wild Man Jack Ended up getting the nose and I kind of said. I thought this was a race to maybe get a price and Sparky Ville was certainly that seventy to one and just missed mean ranch such a game rates for Giovanni Franko Jeff Body. But you're two to one favorite while Man Jack comes back for May Don Mike Smith and gets the win. Stubbins obviously had a bad trip. It was not the best weekend from a trip perspective. I don't think for Umberto Rissoli as much as I kinda heaped. Praise on last weekend tough. He had a couple of tough ones over the weekend. And this was one of and I don't know for sure I mean it's always easy to assign blame when there's trouble to the writer and it's really not always the riders fault you know could could could a horse have been put out in a better spot. Generally there's opportunities for that but you know so. It's kind of one of the things when you commit to the inside like when you get through your a hero and when you don't you're the goat not not the goat like the kids say now but the go like the actual animal And so you know you you make those decisions and he thought I was. I would guess that he probably thought okay. Well this one horse is going to give up some weight in behind the other one and when he comes back I can dive down toward the rail and then it never happened. Seventy two one shot just kept on running but Texas Wedge. Got Going a little bit late and we're just didn't really run a jump so I was definitely wrong on that one but the nice win coming back from Dubai for Wild Man Jack Just very interesting turf sprinter. He is and look forward to see more of him. The China Wittingham on Saturday at Santa Anita and Favouritism actually went the way of rock. Emperor United ended up going off your second choice. I had said I thought rock emperor was was probably a single in those late sequences not the biggest united fan in the world but he ended up going off his a very clear second choice. Those two very much dominated the wagering. Take a listen to the Charlie Wittingham from Saturday at Santa Anita. Five eighths of a mile to go in the Charles Wittingham synthesised leads the way united creeping. Closer and second originator is now clearly third with a half mile to Ron. Multiplier continues to ride the rail and rock emperors getting a little bit closer still four lengths off the lead and desert stone into the far turn still synthesis in united one to originate. Romy outside multiplier rock emperor. The running order has not changed and desert stone. United takes the lead easily passed a quarter pole as synthesis surrenders originator into second rock opera on the outside united shakes free with Furlong Nagoya. Go a link to the half originator running on gamely as as Rock Kemper outside Rock Kemper originator United Desert. Storm is.

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