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H. VH since I acting gig and he went toe, to toe. With academy nominated Matt Dillon so he. He was. Great Yeah he was great and this is you, talked, a, little, bit about, the. The partnership and. About telling, stories about Hawaii this isn't just your first film about Hawaii you've got other plans to keep going correct so this is my, third movie. To make, in the islands My first film was in the late. Nineties. One of the very early independence in Hawaii called beyond paradise About a Holly boy and his three Hawaiian France and then. I made a World War Two movie starring Kiefer Sutherland which put me on the, maps with the studios and they kept sending me too cold and dark places like Canada and eastern Europe and I was trying to fight my way back home and so. We knew that we would need to have some more infrastructure in what we're doing for the indie scene and there's there's a lot. Of, great Indian filmmakers in in the state coming up and we need more and more resources and tools well. That's just a preview of the preview a preview of the preview. The. Preview a good friend of. Mine Jason Jones is also a producer there that is the director director. Yeah and it's it's he's right that was. One of the compelling reasons just met with flash this morning Flashlight okay he's our. Guys. Are flash is his last. Name Gordon no be nice he's our. Marketing and promotions guy my gosh Because I can where are. We going There's another, but I'll leave it alone but anyway that's part of. The thing, that was on KOA news you know. I like Matt Dillon Yeah I do he's. He's had, an interesting yeah yes There's. A, couple of. Things I kind of went. Really, yeah Matt, Matt Dillon just in. Some of, the choices of the film but that's all right but, anyway it's a totally locally as he said. Locally produced locally everything shot here at home running for grace grace is it is the the film. And it's actually we're going to do in there you? Go Dole cannery we're going to have on the, director on with us. Next week, and we'll give away some tickets to the movie it's, next week so yeah it was I run. Jim and I were just chatting about this and then sure enough there was yeah there. You go Who'd thought Huda thunk thought thunk we're going to get together with the rest of the fellas they'll be. Coming in eventually. Well there, are supposed. To be here at eight thirty because I got your texts over that was. It was, a, if Ken Ken But you're here I'm here which means you're the best Philip well know about that but I'm certainly We can give a little bit, of a preview. Of what's, top of mind we'll do that together with Jim in. Studio with us Go, over some of the news of the day get a little bit of reaction. From JIMBO and a lot more but in the meantime we'll take our only, break leading us. Up to the top of the hour good. Morning Hawaii.

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