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Jeff probst addressed the question of why he would targets your own set of ben when he spoke to josh he said that he understands the idea of joe appearing to be a bigger threaten the moment and if everyone agrees they're going to get rid of ben soon than that's fine they could take out joe now because his crazy energy could flip the game upside down but it still seems like i i don't know widening to me ben was attempting tempting target at that point but the other thing you have to be nine all out in we've already talked about this with chris christie and jp where two votes so you've got my and gel at were kind of acting in that same fashionwear mike and joe or that's two votes instead of one whereas ban is one bo so i feel like with devon and lauren an actually trying to play a numbers game if they're looking at keeping joe then they have to surmise that joe and mike will vote together and if joan mike are going to vote together and if there's any any possibility that ryan chrissy were obviously ousted have any interest in switch in things up again and joe talked about wanting to vote out devon i think that that was that's a risk that they probably didn't want to take because they're losing control if they do that they are completely losing control if they keep ben knowing that banned his i mean his secret agent routine is it's up i mean it's it's it's blown up christie knows rhinos i mean after the voa tribal council everybody knows that ben is is not working with them so ben is almost an asset to them because then is the one who is going to have really upset ryan and chrissy so in order to get rid of ban all devin has to do is go to ryan and say brian can you believe that ben was doing that i didn't know bend was doing outlets vote out ben so devons got an ability to convince ryan chrissy to bow out ben and ashore himself another another yo three days in that game because if ban has pissed off ryan chrissy enough well then hitting him voted out.

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