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Members of his administration are saying you better believe the president on that threat. The threat to close down the southern border came a day after the Trump administration cut ages Central American countries. That are accused of deliberately sending migrants to the United States. Police say the man charged with kidnapping and killing South Carolina college student Samantha Josephson, who's from Robbins Ville, New Jersey, whom they mistakenly got into his car is being held pending a jail hearing correspondent John Gallagher reports. Police believe Nathaniel Roland kill Josephson after she got into his car outside of a bar in Columbia just about twenty five hours after Samantha disappeared. Police not far from the same location spotted this black Chevy Impala, they stopped that vehicle inside. They say that the driver got out started running away. His name was Nathaniel rolling. They arrested him after finding blood inside the trunk the vehicle in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. They say that blood is Samantha Joseph sends Nathaniel David Rowland. The suspect will remain in jail until at least his bond hearing at an undetermined date defense, lawyers representing the man accused of killing. Mcqueen's Jong are asking for a hearing to determine if the prosecution hid evidence in his retrial WBZ's rob Dawson as team says they got an anonymous letter last week from a person claiming to be a police officer saying to Jackson up white guys from Howard beach could be suspects their clients. Now Lewis is black is accused of sexually abusing killing Korean for Trento while she was jogging Howard beach in two thousand sixteen. Prosecutors say Lewis's DNA was on the body jury deliberations are set to get underway today. I'm rob Dawson for seventy seven WABC news US retail sales fell two tenths of a point four February as consumers pulled back on their spending on things.

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