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I'm naomi lewin. Welcome to classics for kids. After christopher columbus made his first trip across the atlantic ocean spain and other european countries began to colonize the americas. Spanish music had a big influence on latin american music. And so did the music of the enslaved people who were brought over from africa one of the first places columbus landed in fourteen. Ninety two was cuba. Nineteenth century violinist. Jose white lafitte had a spanish father and an afro-cuban mother whites composition that they yaqoob ana the beautiful. Cuban uses dance rhythms from haiti and the dominican republic on the island of hispaniola twentieth century. Cuban composer and missile. The owner was a pianist. That's lik wound up performing his most famous piece. My leg ania which is a spanish dance. Kunas family was full of musicians including his great nephew. Leo brouwer leo. Brouwer was guitarist until he hurt his right hand even after he had to stop playing. He kept on composing in fourteen. Ninety three columbus landed on the island. We call puerto rico spanish for rich port. The taino people who originally lived there called it. Land of the great lords in their language voted ken. Which is the title of this piece by. Puerto rican composer. Roberto ever there is a karina was born in venezuela in the mid nineteenth century katrina toured. all over. the world is a pianist. She was also an opera singer and composer. After the venezuelan waltz filed spinneys orlando became popular as a piano piece venezuelan guitarist antonio loud decided to compose waltzes for his instrument to another venezuela important composer kansas governor gala montero nicknamed her first piano concerto latin. Because of all the latin american rhythms she used in it guitarist. Agustin barrios mungo. Ray was from paraguay. Mongo raised dance. Paraguay dance is based on the polka paraguay. Or paraguayan polka. It's different from the european polka. Which has to beats to the measure. The paraguayan polka shifts back and forth between three beats and to alberto genus. Tara's father came to argentina from catalonia in spain where they pronounce the name genus. Tara not keen astaire. she stared us concerto akron. -tino or argentinian concerto is full of folk dance rhythms argentinian composer. Astor piazolla played the bundle on which is related to the accordion. A lot of piet. Solas music is based on a dance. That's very important in argentina that tango of course. Spain wasn't the only country that colonized latin america explorer behavioral avarice cabal claimed brazil the largest country in south america for portugal. Avian lobos combined the style of johann. Sebastian bach with brazilian music. To make a set of pieces he called rocky janas brasilia's in the second one of them. Here's a train. Sheila lobos is trained. Even does a brazilian dance a samba..

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